Reassure Kids in Disasters, Part 2

Carefree and innocent childhoods are sometimes unfortunately interrupted by natural disasters, accidents, and other unusual circumstances that require parents to provide an extra measure of reassurance and security for their children.
Children are observant and impressionable, and they rely on their parents to make sense out of occurrences that are frightening or that they’ve never been exposed to previously. Continue reading “Reassure Kids in Disasters, Part 2”

Bear in Tree Captures Local Attention

A bear spotted on the streets of La Cañada Flintridge wound up in a tree on Jarvis Avenue for several hours Wednesday, and was still there as of press time.
At 4:30 p.m., the official Twitter account of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported: “[Helicopters] left and she almost came down. [Helicopters] came back and bear settled down. Still in the tree. Long night ahead.” Continue reading “Bear in Tree Captures Local Attention”

Helping Children Cope With Disaster, Part 1

When my three daughters were young, we occasionally reviewed the “Family Fire Escape Plan.” The girls each had easy-to-open windows in their bedrooms, which were on the ground floor. The simple plan consisted of “Open your window, jump out and we’ll meet on the backyard grass.” Earthquakes were similar: Gather on the stairs under the steel beam (the one the engineer/architect said was “strong enough to hold up a parking structure”). Continue reading “Helping Children Cope With Disaster, Part 1”