Barth Athletics Complex Opens Amid Praise for Team

Avery and Andy Barth (center), preparing to cut the ribbon Saturday at the Barth Athletics Complex
Photo by Larissa Althouse / OUTLOOK
Avery and Andy Barth (center), preparing to cut the ribbon Saturday at the Barth Athletics Complex, are pictured with school board member C. Joseph Chang, the Barths’ daughter Avery, Emile Bayle, the Barths’ son Andrew, school district Superintendent Jeff Wilson and school board members Chris Norgaard, Lisa Link, Shelley Ryan and Corey Barberie. The Barth family kick-started the two-year endeavor with a $3.5 million donation.

Fulfilling a promise made two years ago when they kicked golden shovels into the ground at Huntington Middle School, donors and school officials returned Saturday to cut the red ribbon at an eagerly awaited sports facility.
The Barth Athletics Complex is here, completed and open in time for the start of the school year, which began Wednesday. The facility — which includes a full-size CIF-regulation gym, two media classrooms, a fitness room, boys’ and girls’ team rooms and a multipurpose room — is reported to have rung in at $15.94 million. That puts it more than $1 million under budget, according to figures announced earlier this year by the San Marino Unified School District. Continue reading “Barth Athletics Complex Opens Amid Praise for Team”

Local Man Tabbed to USPS Board

John Barger
John Barger

The U.S. Senate recently approved San Marino resident John Barger’s appointment to the United States Postal Service Governing Board, giving the panel its first operating quorum in half a decade after years of blocked nominations.
Barger, a brother of District 5 Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, was approved on Aug. 1, alongside two others; the three join two other board members to form the first quorum of the nine-member panel since 2014, the lack of which has hamstrung the storied institution while it has relied on an emergency committee to continue operations. Continue reading “Local Man Tabbed to USPS Board”

San Marino Remains Confident Following Historic Season

⬛  High School Girls’ Volleyball

Caitlin Nguyen
Photos courtesy Eric Danielson
Caitlin Nguyen is one of the defensive specialists returning this season. She solidified the backline during San Marino’s historic campaign.

The CIF Southern Section has not released its preseason polls yet but it did list the teams to watch in each division on Monday.
San Marino, the reigning Rio Hondo League champion, is one of the programs listed in Division 4 along with rival South Pasadena, which drew a mixed reaction from head coach Joseph Rios. Continue reading “San Marino Remains Confident Following Historic Season”

They Have Special Connection to SMHS Link Crew’s Work

smhs link crew
Photo by Zane Hill / OUTLOOK
Connie Tran, Alexander Ramsay and Juan Castellanos say they built upon their unique experiences as new San Marino High School students when they decided to join Link Crew as leaders.

Every year, San Marino High School entrusts a group of student leaders with the task of easing the landing of the school’s incoming freshmen and transfers, an experience to which each of those leaders can relate.
Whether born and raised in San Marino or having just recently moved to the community, new students at SMHS have much to gain from the guidance of their assigned Link Crew leaders, the seniors, juniors and occasional sophomores who volunteer to usher newbies into the school. Continue reading “They Have Special Connection to SMHS Link Crew’s Work”

City’s Emergency Alert System Tested Monthly

Residents tuned into a television or radio on Wednesday may have picked up on some portion of the nationwide Emergency Alert System test, which is run by the Federal Emergency Management System through the county.
Although the scheduled event was simply a test of the function of the broadcast system itself, San Marino Fire Chief Mario Rueda said he’d like to remind residents that the city maintains an emergency response plan that it runs drills for monthly. The city joined in the EAS process run by FEMA in 2017, Rueda said. Continue reading “City’s Emergency Alert System Tested Monthly”

Property Survey Shaping Up as History Lesson for Homeowners

Director Aldo Cervantes
Photo by Zane Hill / OUTLOOK
Planning and Building Director Aldo Cervantes guides more than a dozen residents at Monday’s Town Hall meeting on what the draft map of the city’s potential historic resources indicates.

When completed, the city’s historic resource survey will not designate any properties as historic landmarks — only the City Council, with the consent of the property owner, can do that — but it will help educate residents on the history of their homes and neighborhoods. Continue reading “Property Survey Shaping Up as History Lesson for Homeowners”

Local Swimmer Earns Two All-American Honors

Tristan Lin
Tristan Lin

The National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association recently released its list of All-American high school athletes and it included a San Marino High School graduate.
Tristan Lin made the list and recorded among the top 100 high school swimming times in two categories. The Titan received NISCA All-American honors in the 200-yard individual medley and 100-yard breaststroke.
“In his four years on the varsity team, Tristan was extremely dedicated and really determined,” said SMHS boys’ swimming coach Casey Holcomb. “I know that from freshman year, he had his sights on the school record for the breaststroke. Continue reading “Local Swimmer Earns Two All-American Honors”

Barth Athletics Complex at HMS to Open Aug. 10

Avery and Andy Barth
Avery and Andy Barth

At long last, the Barth Athletics Complex is complete and ready — on schedule — for the 2019-20 school year.
The finishing touches were being applied this week — fire alarm testing, restoration of the tennis courts and furniture delivery among them — in preparation for the formal ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled at 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10. San Marino schools will open on the Wednesday after that.
“We’ll be ready to go on the 14th,” said Gerald Schober, the project manager for the Barth complex. Continue reading “Barth Athletics Complex at HMS to Open Aug. 10”

Council’s Traffic-Flow Priorities: at Problem Intersection, Near Schools

The City Council finally voted to retain — for now — its earmark from Metro to fund and coordinate a project to alter traffic flow where Atlantic Boulevard intersects with Huntington Drive and becomes Los Robles Avenue, hopefully devising the plan in a way that gives relief to residents along the San Marino portion of the roadway. Continue reading “Council’s Traffic-Flow Priorities: at Problem Intersection, Near Schools”