Helping Children Cope With Disaster, Part 1

When my three daughters were young, we occasionally reviewed the “Family Fire Escape Plan.” The girls each had easy-to-open windows in their bedrooms, which were on the ground floor. The simple plan consisted of “Open your window, jump out and we’ll meet on the backyard grass.” Earthquakes were similar: Gather on the stairs under the steel beam (the one the engineer/architect said was “strong enough to hold up a parking structure”). Continue reading “Helping Children Cope With Disaster, Part 1”

SMHS Student Dies in Crash; Police Cite Speed

A San Marino High School student died in a solo car crash near the Rose Bowl early Sunday morning after losing control of his vehicle while driving at an extraordinary rate of speed, Pasadena police said.
Brendan Leon, 17, who was nearing the end of his junior year at SMHS, died at the scene after the 2002 BMW 330 he was driving wrapped around a light pole, according to police. Continue reading “SMHS Student Dies in Crash; Police Cite Speed”

Are Intersection Changes Really Necessary?

Double the capacity for left-turn lanes off Huntington Drive at two major intersections? Not so fast.
The City Council last week put the brakes on a plan to reconfigure the Huntington Drive intersections at San Marino Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard to create an extra turn lane for eastbound traffic heading north onto those two thoroughfares. Instead, it will have the city traffic engineer study the intersections for three months to determine if there is a pressing need for the changes. Continue reading “Are Intersection Changes Really Necessary?”