Parents Receive Advice on Easing Kids’ Stress

The following was written By Peter Segall For The Outlook

Unrealistic expectations can put undue pressure on students in the San Marino Unified School District, giving rise to stress and anxiety.
That was the message at a community forum presented last week by the local Partnership for Awareness, an organization that arranges for experts to speak to school parents about the health and social challenges facing their children. Continue reading “Parents Receive Advice on Easing Kids’ Stress”

Council Seeks Design Plans for Stoneman

In attempting to solve the long-running quandary of the city’s Stoneman recreation headquarters, the City Council last week took the smallest of steps — and wasn’t even unanimous in that decision.
The council voted to solicit bids from architectural firms on how much it would cost to produce design drawings for various upgrades, including Americans With Disabilities Act compliance, seismic retrofits, heating and air conditioning, and fire alarms and sprinklers. Continue reading “Council Seeks Design Plans for Stoneman”

SMPD Alters Tactics After Wave of Burglaries

Exasperated by a surge in burglaries in the last week, San Marino Police Chief John Incontro wants to employ an eye in the sky to foil the crooks.
San Marino has an arrangement with the Pasadena Police Department for use of its helicopter, for which the city will pay $13,019 in the current fiscal year. To this point, it has been deployed primarily in the pursuit of fleeing suspects. But now the SMPD wants to use the chopper on the front end of crime: for surveillance. Continue reading “SMPD Alters Tactics After Wave of Burglaries”

Police Patrols Ensure Safe Passage to Schools

The chaos was barely controlled on Winston Avenue one recent weekday morning. It serves as a primary entry point to San Marino High School, and at 7:50 a.m., students streamed down the sidewalks, over the parkway, through the alley. They crossed in the middle of the block, between idling vehicles in the clogged traffic. They walked, pedaled bicycles, rolled by on skateboards.
If there was any semblance of order at all, it was surely because Police Officer Kevin Cordischi was parked at the curb in his patrol SUV, surveying the scene from southbound Winston. Continue reading “Police Patrols Ensure Safe Passage to Schools”

Election is a Good Teaching Tool for Respectful Politics

Dear Parent Coach,
We have a fair amount of arguing going on right now in our home over the presidential candidates. Based on overhearing their friends at school, our children (ages 13, 10, 8) are forming their opinions taken from playground chatter. At home, they’re chanting their candidate’s names (“Hillary, Hillary” or “No, the Donald”) and arguing about who’s best, causing disruption. It has turned into a unique type of sibling rivalry. We’re glad they’re interested, but we’d like to guide their enthusiasm in a more positive direction. We’d love some of your ideas.
Parents Policing Politics Continue reading “Election is a Good Teaching Tool for Respectful Politics”

Tree Mishap Effects Change in Policies

A case of mistaken identity and the near loss of a heritage oak tree prompted the city of San Marino to revise its policy for the trimming and removal of city-owned trees.
Previously, the Planning and Building Department had that responsibility. Following action by the City Council last week, it will now be taken on by the Park and Public Works Department, which will also abide by a new set of policies and procedures governing the trees. Continue reading “Tree Mishap Effects Change in Policies”

Council Stands Pat on Business Zoning Issue

A tussle over zoning on Huntington Drive divided the community last week — and, ultimately, the City Council, too. Faced with a discrepancy between the zoning classification and the actual function of six properties along the boulevard, the council voted 3-2 to leave matters as they are, a victory for residents who burst into applause at the decision. Continue reading “Council Stands Pat on Business Zoning Issue”