Psychologist Recognized for Pediatric Efforts

When Mona Delahooke was 13 years old, a bad case of pneumonia sent her to Huntington Hospital for what eventually became a two-week stay. As she lay in bed during a time before smartphones and computers, Delahooke passed the hours by reading books brought to her room on a rolling cart that an employee pushed through the halls each day. She soon immersed herself in a 1964 paperback called “Dibs in Search of Self,” which chronicles a series of therapy sessions with an emotionally challenged young boy. Continue reading “Psychologist Recognized for Pediatric Efforts”

ASB to Operate Under a Big Tent in 2016-17

Inclusiveness will be a heightened priority of ASB at San Marino High School this school year, according to the group’s top officers.
“My freshman year, I felt like I was kind of on the fringe. I didn’t go to any ASB events. I was uninvolved,” said senior Douglas Luo, who has taken over as ASB president. “I don’t want other people to feel the same way I felt. You want to be out there and really get the kids involved — even if it’s one friend, one person you can go with to have a good time.” Continue reading “ASB to Operate Under a Big Tent in 2016-17”

Watering Limits Eased to 3 Days Per Week

San Marino residents who have fretted over wilting bushes and fried lawns this summer will now be able to sprinkle a little more water on those parched landscapes.
The city has announced that it will no longer limit residents to two days of outdoor irrigation per week, following a decision by San Marino’s primary water provider to allow customers to water three times weekly. Continue reading “Watering Limits Eased to 3 Days Per Week”

ON LOCATION: San Marino Always Ready for Its Close-Up

The following was written by John Gregory, Special to The Outlook

Imagine owning a huge yard with landscape and construction specialists who can create a bridge on which lovers dance and sing, an oak forest for vehicles to crash into, space for a huge Easter egg roll, a couple hundred children painting and sketching, and enough room to roam for ostriches, a zebra, a giraffe and baby elephants. Continue reading “ON LOCATION: San Marino Always Ready for Its Close-Up”

Armed Robbers Hit Local Bank in Daylight

Two bank robbers made short work of the OneWest Bank in San Marino on July 28, brandishing a gun, rifling some cash drawers and making their escape even before a 911 call could be placed.
“It was a pretty quick in-and-out,” Police Chief John Incontro said Monday.
The armed robbery occurred just before 2 p.m., according to the SMPD, when two African American men walked through the front door of the bank at 900 Huntington Drive. There were no customers in the branch at the time, Incontro said. Continue reading “Armed Robbers Hit Local Bank in Daylight”