Council Votes to Remove Property Requirement

Property ownership should no longer be a requirement to serve on either the Design Review Committee or Planning Commission, the City Council determined in its meeting last week.
On a first reading, the council unanimously agreed to remove from its Municipal Code the stipulation that anyone wishing to serve on either body must own property here. Continue reading “Council Votes to Remove Property Requirement”

Local Fireman Helps Out at Rough Fire

Fire stations around the West routinely loan out their personnel when a major wildfire overwhelms a region’s local resources. Sometimes, however, there is a need for someone not so much to fight the fire, but to attend to those who are.
That’s the function Brian Campbell of the San Marino Fire Department served during a just-completed three-week deployment at the Rough Fire, which had ravaged 138,000 acres in the Sierra and Sequoia national forests and Kings Canyon National Park by the start of this week. Continue reading “Local Fireman Helps Out at Rough Fire”

Campaign Launched for Utility, Safety Taxes

It’s never pleasant to ponder worst-case scenarios. But potentially harsh realities compelled several concerned citizens to gather in front of the San Marino Fire Station on a scorching-hot afternoon last week.
Members of the Committee of San Marino Residents for Measures U & SA, they assembled to launch a campaign on behalf of the utility user tax and the public safety tax, both of which will be on the ballot in the Nov. 3 election. Together, the measures will bolster San Marino’s budget with $4.64 million in the current fiscal year, or 19% of the city’s net revenues. Continue reading “Campaign Launched for Utility, Safety Taxes”

San Marino Excels in State Assessment Tests

The instruction changed. So did the test. As well as the method of administering it.
But San Marino’s public school students barely blinked in the midst of all this upheaval. And when the new California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress results were released last week, the San Marino Unified School District came out on top statewide in proficiency. Continue reading “San Marino Excels in State Assessment Tests”

Making Room for American Art

American art was something of an afterthought for Henry and Arabella Huntington when they lived in San Marino in the early 20th century. Maybe it’s coincidental, but for the past 30-plus years, the growing collection of American art at their former estate, the Huntington Library, has reflected this.
The Huntingtons’ beloved British painters, who created what are now the institution’s two most iconic works — Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy” and Lawrence’s “Pinkie” — are showcased in the couple’s stately former mansion, now the Art Gallery. Continue reading “Making Room for American Art”

Computer Classes Help SMHS Crack the Code

As technology continues to advance, the world is becoming an increasingly automated place. Demand for the knowledge of computer science, correspondingly, is at an all-time high. This reality is why the San Marino Unified School District recently introduced several new coding and programming classes at the high school this fall, offerings that quickly filled to the brim with interested students. Continue reading “Computer Classes Help SMHS Crack the Code”

New Exhibit: Fallen, Not Forgotten

After a poignant exhibit honoring the fallen soldiers from California debuted earlier this year at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the foundation bearing the 40th president’s name posted a video online featuring imagery from the event interspersed with speeches delivered by Reagan. As the video nears its conclusion, Reagan is on a tarmac to welcome an American soldier’s casket home and quotes John Stuart Mill in his address. Continue reading “New Exhibit: Fallen, Not Forgotten”

A Positive First Impression by the Leader of the Band

Mark de la Vega was 2 years old the first time Ben Ubovich lifted a baton above an ensemble of musicians at San Marino High School.
Ubovich retired this past spring after 27 years as director of instrumental music at SMHS, and de la Vega, whose background is predominantly in percussion, appears to be setting a brisk new beat as he succeeds him. Continue reading “A Positive First Impression by the Leader of the Band”