Bergmann, Sale Team Up to Improve SMHS Athletics

Photo by Oscar Areliz / OUTLOOK
San Marino High School made changes to its athletics department, adding athletic director to assistant principal Eric Bergmann’s (left) list of duties and promoting Nick Sale to the position of coordinator of athletics. The two hope to enhance the experience of San Marino athletics for players, coaches and parents.

The San Marino High School athletics department has gone through several changes the past decade, and the district has decided it’s time for another alteration.
The position of athletic director will now be overseen by assistant principal Eric Bergmann and Nick Sale, who was promoted to the position of coordinator of athletics.
“I think it began with the idea that we had to shore up our budget,” said Bergmann, who oversees activities, athletics, attendance and discipline as vice principal. “The district was looking at ways to save money, so the position of full-time athletic director was changed again.
“We went through the interview process and didn’t land on one solid candidate, so the district came to Nick and me. They said, ‘We could go back to the drawing board and reopen the position, or we can take a look at you two and splitting the responsibilities.’ We felt like, given the fact that Nick has done a good job here, it was the best way to go.” Continue reading “Bergmann, Sale Team Up to Improve SMHS Athletics”