Fire Dept.’s Cardiac Gear Gets a Jolt

Shortly before noon on Oct. 11, a call came in to the San Marino Fire Department about an electrical shock injury, causing several of the first responders to spring into action.
Firefighter Jeff Tsay, who had just wrapped up a demonstration of the department’s brand-new Zoll X-Series Monitor Defibrillator, packed up the cutting-edge piece of equipment and joined his brethren. Continue reading “Fire Dept.’s Cardiac Gear Gets a Jolt”

Having ‘The Talk’ — About Money —With Your Kids

Ron Lieber’s inspiration to author his bestselling “Opposite of Spoiled” drew largely from his readers’ questions, but it dawned much earlier when he asked himself the same questions.
The New York Times columnist, who previously wrote for the Wall Street Journal, said he was confounded when his then-3-year-old daughter asked him about money, specifically their family’s money. Continue reading “Having ‘The Talk’ — About Money —With Your Kids”

Kennedy’s Jewelry: Hope ‘By Your Side’

It had been more than a decade since Jennifer Kennedy survived breast cancer, but last fall she found herself back in another chemotherapy center. She was not dealing with a recurrence. This was worse. The same disease had now afflicted her mother, who was finishing up a round of treatment when Kennedy noticed a sickly young woman in the waiting room. Four hours later, the woman was still sitting there alone. Continue reading “Kennedy’s Jewelry: Hope ‘By Your Side’”

SMUSD Decides Against Bond Issue in November

For nearly two decades, the music festival capital of Southern California has been Indio, a city located 130 miles east of Pasadena. Each April, weekend-long extravaganzas known as Coachella and Stagecoach attract thousands from all over the country with live performances by popular artists and rising talent alike. But starting next year, local music aficionados may no longer have to make the two-hour trek into the desert to hear their favorite bands. Continue reading “SMUSD Decides Against Bond Issue in November”

Barger Nears Finish Line in Campaign

At 2,807 square miles and 1.95 million people, the 5th Supervisorial District in Los Angeles County presents an enormous challenge for the candidate seeking to represent it.
San Marino’s Kathryn Barger has found out. Since her campaign for the post began in earnest in June of last year, she has backed out of her Lorain Road driveway each morning and systematically put 30,000 miles on her car, crisscrossing the district and discussing issues with as many constituents as possible. Continue reading “Barger Nears Finish Line in Campaign”

Parents Receive Advice on Easing Kids’ Stress

The following was written By Peter Segall For The Outlook

Unrealistic expectations can put undue pressure on students in the San Marino Unified School District, giving rise to stress and anxiety.
That was the message at a community forum presented last week by the local Partnership for Awareness, an organization that arranges for experts to speak to school parents about the health and social challenges facing their children. Continue reading “Parents Receive Advice on Easing Kids’ Stress”

Council Seeks Design Plans for Stoneman

In attempting to solve the long-running quandary of the city’s Stoneman recreation headquarters, the City Council last week took the smallest of steps — and wasn’t even unanimous in that decision.
The council voted to solicit bids from architectural firms on how much it would cost to produce design drawings for various upgrades, including Americans With Disabilities Act compliance, seismic retrofits, heating and air conditioning, and fire alarms and sprinklers. Continue reading “Council Seeks Design Plans for Stoneman”