SMPD Alters Tactics After Wave of Burglaries

Exasperated by a surge in burglaries in the last week, San Marino Police Chief John Incontro wants to employ an eye in the sky to foil the crooks.
San Marino has an arrangement with the Pasadena Police Department for use of its helicopter, for which the city will pay $13,019 in the current fiscal year. To this point, it has been deployed primarily in the pursuit of fleeing suspects. But now the SMPD wants to use the chopper on the front end of crime: for surveillance. Continue reading “SMPD Alters Tactics After Wave of Burglaries”

Police Patrols Ensure Safe Passage to Schools

The chaos was barely controlled on Winston Avenue one recent weekday morning. It serves as a primary entry point to San Marino High School, and at 7:50 a.m., students streamed down the sidewalks, over the parkway, through the alley. They crossed in the middle of the block, between idling vehicles in the clogged traffic. They walked, pedaled bicycles, rolled by on skateboards.
If there was any semblance of order at all, it was surely because Police Officer Kevin Cordischi was parked at the curb in his patrol SUV, surveying the scene from southbound Winston. Continue reading “Police Patrols Ensure Safe Passage to Schools”

Tree Mishap Effects Change in Policies

A case of mistaken identity and the near loss of a heritage oak tree prompted the city of San Marino to revise its policy for the trimming and removal of city-owned trees.
Previously, the Planning and Building Department had that responsibility. Following action by the City Council last week, it will now be taken on by the Park and Public Works Department, which will also abide by a new set of policies and procedures governing the trees. Continue reading “Tree Mishap Effects Change in Policies”

Council Stands Pat on Business Zoning Issue

A tussle over zoning on Huntington Drive divided the community last week — and, ultimately, the City Council, too. Faced with a discrepancy between the zoning classification and the actual function of six properties along the boulevard, the council voted 3-2 to leave matters as they are, a victory for residents who burst into applause at the decision. Continue reading “Council Stands Pat on Business Zoning Issue”

Keeping Pace With Iron Mom

With two miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling, 26 miles of running and just 17 hours to complete the gauntlet, an Ironman triathlon is considered to be one of the most difficult sporting events in the world. But don’t bother telling Nancy Ko, who is currently training for her first Ironman this November. The San Marino resident has never let daunting challenges faze her. Continue reading “Keeping Pace With Iron Mom”

Rec Commission Suggests $2.3M for Stoneman

Should the city spend $2.28 million to upgrade crumbling Stoneman School, creating accommodation for the disabled and ensuring that children in recreation programs don’t swelter in summer and shiver in winter?
The Recreation Commission strongly feels that it should, and voted unanimously Monday night to recommend that the City Council appropriate the money and send the project out to bid. Continue reading “Rec Commission Suggests $2.3M for Stoneman”

Seeking Stronger Footing for Pacific Asia Museum

Passersby along Los Robles Avenue between Union Street and Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena may not notice anything too different about the façade of the USC Pacific Asia Museum located on that busy city block. From the outside, the historical mansion built in the style of a Chinese palace stands out much as it has for the past 92 years since its construction. But stroll through its arched entryway guarded by stone dragons and it quickly becomes clear that the facility is an active construction site. Continue reading “Seeking Stronger Footing for Pacific Asia Museum”