Dream Season Ends in State Final

By Mark Billingsley
For The Outlook

SACRAMENTO — Carson Glazier stood on the sideline Saturday night in street clothes, his San Marino High School letterman’s jacket keeping him warm from the Sacramento chill.
All he could do was watch as the Central Catholic Raiders from Modesto took apart his Titans and claimed their fourth consecutive CIF State Bowl game with a 56-21 win in the Open Small School championship game. Continue reading “Dream Season Ends in State Final”

Lively Proceedings With New Council

Two mavericks have joined San Marino’s City Council, and the temperature in the room just went up.
Steve Talt and Dr. Steven Huang, who won election to the council in twin landslides in November, were sworn in before last week’s council meeting. Each clearly wants to make a strong early impression, and in the course of the proceedings, the normally even-tempered Dr. Richard Sun exhibited a rare flash of anger, and later exasperation. Continue reading “Lively Proceedings With New Council”

A Changing of the Guard in San Marino

A significant shift of power occurred in San Marino last week as two new members joined the City Council, a new mayor was appointed and a new president named to the School Board.
Dr. Steven Huang and Steve Talt, who won seats to the City Council in the Nov. 3 election, were sworn in at the start of last week’s meeting. They replace two-term incumbents Dennis Kneier and Eugene Sun, who were voted out of office in a lopsided election. Continue reading “A Changing of the Guard in San Marino”

Holiday Revelers Urged Not to Mix Drinking, Driving

Blame Fezziwig. In Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol,” he provided the blueprint for the proper Christmas party, clearing away the office furniture for music, dancing, games, food and “plenty of beer,” as the author wrote in 1843.
The festive spirit continues to soar at holiday gatherings everywhere, and it’s not unusual for the alcohol consumption to get away from someone. The danger occurs when that impaired person decides to drive home, and officials are issuing stern warnings about the necessity of being sensible amid the merriment. Continue reading “Holiday Revelers Urged Not to Mix Drinking, Driving”

Sports LA Raises $4.4M for Union Rescue Mission

San Marino resident Steve Silk was one of two honorees at the recent Stanley Black and Bob Barth Sports LA event, an annual gala that aims to raise money for worthy causes throughout the city. This year’s beneficiary was Union Rescue Mission, a 124-year-old organization dedicated to providing comprehensive emergency and long-term recovery services that help people unshackle themselves from the grip of homelessness in Los Angeles. Continue reading “Sports LA Raises $4.4M for Union Rescue Mission”

How Boys Tick: PfA Topic Dec. 9

Ask any parent: One size does not fit all when raising and educating children. All the more so when dealing with boys vs. girls.
“It’s surprising. You think, ‘I’ve been through this with my daughter,’ but it’s entirely different [with a boy],” said Christina Pink, a Partnership for Awareness board member who has a daughter and a son. “With the same upbringing, the same parents, the same house, the same school district and sometimes identical teachers, I can tell you that the way they learn and the way they’re motivated is vastly different.” Continue reading “How Boys Tick: PfA Topic Dec. 9”