HMS Students Cast a Successful Spell

Audrey Jung won the Huntington Middle School Spelling Bee.
Audrey Jung won the Huntington Middle School Spelling Bee.

It was the adept spellings of “levigate” and “tyranny” that won Huntington Middle School’s first spelling bee last week.
Now, victor Audrey Jung will represent the school among the county’s 6th-graders at the Los Angeles County Spelling Bee on March 29. Jung emerged as the winner from around 50 participants at the Feb. 7 contest.
Jung admitted afterward to having reviewed her spelling only the prior weekend, but that she had effectively prepared herself for years. More specifically, since she became literate. Continue reading “HMS Students Cast a Successful Spell”

Parents Urged to Demonstrate ‘Grit’ for Kids

Spunk. Guts. Mettle. Tenacity.
These were among several synonyms for the term “grit” that psychologists Justin Carter and Melissa Johnson chose for parents who attended the Partnership for Awareness-sponsored event last week. The two experts were asked to explain to parents the importance of teaching children how to persevere through challenges with passion, as opposed to becoming frustrated with failure and giving up. Continue reading “Parents Urged to Demonstrate ‘Grit’ for Kids”

Valentine Prepares for ‘Sweet Magnolia Nights’

Photo courtesy Valentine Elementary School
Members of Valentine Elementary School’s 2017 Parent Party Committee recently met to plan the school’s largest fundraiser of the year. Volunteers include (front row, from left) Stefanie Killackey, Francesca Gill, Parent Party co-chairs Shannon Snaer and Stephanie Giardina, Valentine PTA President Helen Phan and Ellen Tsang. Back: Laura Repstad, Shawna Phelan, Danica Hughes, Michelle Esbenshade, Anna-Marie Grizzell, Carla Repetto, Renita Lin, Amanda Tracey, Vivian Wong, Cathy Yang, Jessica Zhang, Kathy Chow, Celina Duffy, Joelle Grossi and Debbie Merryman. Not pictured: Sarah Kim, Sarah Rome, Kate Sinclair and Daphne Stewart. Funds raised by the Parent Party go directly toward the salaries of school specialists in art, music, computer, library and science. Other areas funded by Parent Party proceeds include new library books and upgrades to school facilities and technology. This year’s event, “Sweet Magnolia Nights,” will be held on Saturday, April 8, starting at 6 p.m. to kick off the Parent Party fundraising, a Girls’ Night In will take place on Friday, Feb. 10, at a private residence.

SMUSD Schools Ranked High in Latest Polls

San Marino Unified School District has earned itself a fan in school and neighborhood data analysis website
The Pittsburgh-based operation listed SMUSD as the No. 7 school district in all of California and the No. 2 district in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, giving the district top marks in academics, its teaching staff and the college readiness of its students (quantified by an A+ rating). Continue reading “SMUSD Schools Ranked High in Latest Polls”

Girl Scouts Say ‘Thanks’ to Police

Photo courtesy Troop 3671 Huntington Middle School’s Cadette Girl Scout Troop 3671 recently dropped by the San Marino Police Department to say “thank you” to Chief John Incontro and his police staff for the great work they did during last week’s school lockdown. The Girl Scouts brought baked goods for the staff. From left are Incontro, Olivia Lee, Nicola Iannelli, Megan Gautereaux, Malia Rose, Vahini Garimella, Leia Sun, Emma Cates and Sgt. Aaron Blonde. Not pictured: Ali Rubin.

San Marino PTA Council Founder’s Day Feb. 28

Photo courtesy San Marino PTA Council
The Founder’s Day Planning Committee includes (front row, from left) Donna Balbin, Stefanie Killackey, Founder’s Day co-chair Kim Sutherland, PTA Council President Yvonne Chen, Founder’s Day co-chair Homeira Asghari, Grace Karkafi and Belinda Huang. Second row: Maren Pellant, Kathy Osegueda, Lisa Nguyen, Michiko Lee, Liz Lichtman, Mary Wong and Angela Liang. Back: Marci Wendling, Araceli Ventura, Diana David, Marisa Kelly, Rene Olson, Karen Wicke, Michele Carter and Krishna Rao.

The 87th annual PTA Council Founder’s Day Awards Ceremony, titled “Celebrate! It’s a Red, White & Blue Salute to Our Hometown Heroes,” will be held Tuesday, Feb. 28, in the Huntington Middle School’s Kenneth White auditorium.
Continue reading “San Marino PTA Council Founder’s Day Feb. 28”

Lunar New Year Festivities Friday at Carver and Valentine

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, Carver Elementary School will host its annual Lunar New Year Celebration with lots of festivities on Friday, Jan. 27, from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Photos courtesy Carver and Valentine Elementary Schools Carver parent volunteers helping with this year’s festivities inlcude (front row, from left) Linda Zou, Sara Lee, Kathy Wu, Jocelyn Young, Kathleen Brown, Elaine Lu, Yen Huynh. Back: Hedy Pan, Bin Zhu, Jack Shi, David Dun and Cindy Fu.

Continue reading “Lunar New Year Festivities Friday at Carver and Valentine”

Lions Club Student Speech Contest Feb. 5

The San Marino Griffins Lions Club and the San Marino High School Leo Club will sponsor a student speaker contest on Feb. 5, from 1-4 p.m. at Crowell Public Library. Students from all local public and private high schools are encouraged to participate. Each year a different subject is selected by the Lion Multiple District Four Student Speaker Committee. This year’s participants will address the topic: “Is the Right to Privacy a Threat to Our National Security?” Continue reading “Lions Club Student Speech Contest Feb. 5”

HMS ‘Boogie Bowling Bash’ on Feb. 11

Photo courtesy Huntington Middle School
HMS Parent Party committee members met recently to discuss the upcoming plans, including (front row, from left) co-chair Linda Gutierrez, Leslee Talt, Kathleen Duncan, Amanda Horton, Kim Spindler, Jackie Liao, Debi Cribbs and co-chair Laurie Modean. Back: Sandra Chen, Araceli Ventura, Denise Sun, Claudia Boles and Anne Gill.

New Lights Brighten Up SMUSD Schools

Some of San Marino’s students returned to school last week with a brighter future greeting them.
That’s because Valentine Elementary and Huntington Middle schools are now lit entirely by light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs that were installed during the holiday break, thanks to state grants.
Superintendent Dr. Alex Cherniss said in a telephone interview that San Marino Unified School District is using around $500,000 in state money for the utility upgrade. Carver Elementary and San Marino High schools will install the new bulbs during spring break. Continue reading “New Lights Brighten Up SMUSD Schools”