City Council to Address Finances, Strategic Plan

The City Council meeting this Friday, April 27, looks to be a busy one, with presentation items on both the long-term strategic financial planning committee’s report and the overall Strategic Plan developed by the City Council and city administrators.
Recommendations coming from the financial planning committee will include the preparation of a multi-year financial outlook document to be regularly discussed; the establishment of a multitude of policies regarding reserve funding; directives regarding the city’s unfunded pension liability; and the implementation of an infrastructure and capital spending plan.
The financial planning committee commenced its work this year after the three newly elected members of the City Council were sworn in. The delay was because Ken Ude, one of the recommended advisers to the committee, had been elected to the City Council. He ultimately was named one of the members of the committee.
The city expects to make thorough use of the committee’s recommendations. The City Council, at the recommendation of administrators, voted to delay the budgeting process for the 2018-19 fiscal year so that it could take advantage of these recommendations as quickly as possible.
The Strategic Plan represents the culmination of another significant investment of time and energy by city officials.
The result is an extensive document that outlines what type of city that city administrators and council members want San Marino to be. The plan includes the vision, mission and values for the city’s government and also the factors critical for its success.
Officials have heralded the development of this Strategic Plan as critical for getting the city government back on track after a few years of administrative turnover and inconsistency.
The City Council also plans to take up a recommendation for a $25,000 purchase agreement for performance management software and to discuss the future of the city’s Recreation Department programming.
This meeting, which begins at 8 a.m. Friday, will take place in the Barth Room at Crowell Public Library in an effort to accommodate audience interest. The full agenda can be viewed at

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