SM City Council to Appoint Public Safety Commission

The City Council looks to make six appointments to its newly created Public Safety Commission at its morning study session on Friday.
This commission, formally created by the City Council at its Feb. 14 meeting, will primarily concern itself with analyzing the city’s needs as it relates to providing assistance to law enforcement, fire response and emergency services. It also will handle traffic-related issues, as the Traffic Advisory Commission was effectively repurposed to make the public safety one commission.
According to the agenda, the vote will be appointing Peter Loeffler and Al Boegh to two-year terms ending on June 30, 2020; Eugene Ramirez, Hunter Chang and Gene Chuang to four-year terms ending June 30, 2022; and Jeff Boozell as an alternate for a two-year term ending June 30, 2020.
Chang would be the only carryover member of the Traffic Advisory Commission, assuming appointment approval. Terms are being staggered to avoid complete changes to the commission’s composition.
The creation of the Public Safety Commission was one of Mayor Steve Talt’s highlighted goals when he was selected as this year’s mayor; last year’s City Council election weighed heavily on candidates’ ideas of combating crime in San Marino, particularly residential and commercial burglaries.
There were 12 applications submitted for Public Safety Commission membership. Talt, Vice Mayor Dr. Steven Huang, Police Chief John Incontro, Fire Chief Mario Rueda and Public Works Director Michael Throne interviewed and recommended the six candidates.
The City Council also will tentatively direct city staff to analyze and recommend changes to a variety of ordinances and codes currently utilized by the city.
Per the agenda, suggested regulations include the basement ordinance; 30-degree structural encroachment line; maximum allowable livable area and lot coverage; livable area for rooms 15 or more feet in height; and tree preservation ordinance and tree protection planning.
City staff would present any findings and recommendations to the City Council at a subsequent meeting. This action also represents a goal of Talt’s for his year as mayor.
The City Council meets at 8 a.m. Friday, March 30, in the Barth Community Room at Crowell Public Library.

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