Community Scholarship Foundation Recognizes 8 Students

The Community Scholarship Foundation of La Cañada Flintridge has announced grants to eight students embarking on their journeys in higher education.
Recipients of the CSF 2020 scholarships are Cerys Davies, Zhanna Galstyan, Brianna Layseca, Annika Park, Keegan Schmit, Andrew Kowalski, Ryan Lui and Aileen Portillo.
To present the scholarships while helping in the effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, CSF recently held a private social-distancing photo session at Memorial Park, with each recipient scheduled 15 minutes apart. For the photo session, those who were comfortable with doing so removed their masks for the photo.
A Legacy Scholarship is named for an individual or family and will be awarded year after year, and the recipient receives $3,000. Commemorative Scholarships are one-time recognitions in honor of local community members or organizations for their support of CSF and are chosen by CSF members; each recipient receives $1,000.
Recipients were evaluated on the basis of their campus and community service, essays and leadership skills, character, integrity and perseverance as explained in their letters of reference. CSF found each student to be unique in his or her college choice, major and goals.
Davies, who received the Lt. Todd Bryant Memorial Legacy Scholarship, will attend Loyola Marymount University and major in music. Her goal is to combine her passions for writing and music as she strives to become a music journalist.
Zhanna Galstyan, the Gant Family Legacy Scholarship recipient, will major in cognitive science at UCLA while aiming for a career in civil rights law. Mary and Brenda Gant were present to congratulate Galstyan.
Brianna Layseca will use the Don and Jo Seastrom Memorial Legacy Scholarship as she attends Santa Clara University and majors in economics. She aspires to become the chief financial officer of a corporation. Wes Seastrom, son of Don and Jo Seastrom, attended and congratulated Layseca.
Annika Park, who received the Dr. Michael and Nancy Leininger Legacy Scholarship, will study at UCLA and major in linguistics; her career goal is to become a speech and language pathologist. Mike and Nancy Leininger offered their congratulations.
Keegan Schmit, recipient of the Robert and Betsy Sorbonne Memorial Legacy Scholarship, will major in applied mathematics at UC Berkeley, striving to develop his skills in math, biology and computer programming to interpret DNA, with the goal of curing diseases. The Sorbonnes’ daughter Rita Gooch and her husband, Frank, added their congratulations to Schmit.
Andrew Kowalski, USC Keck VHH Commemorative Scholarship recipient, was unable to attend the photo session. He will attend Cal State Northridge to study film production and seeks a career in directing, cinematography and/or editing.
Ryan Lui will use the Dilbeck Real Estate Commemorative Scholarship as he attends Virginia Tech and majors in international studies; he aims to receive a commission for active duty in the U.S. Army and eventually to become a U.S. senator. Mark Dilbeck, president of Dilbeck Real Estate, and branch manager Barry Jones attended to show their support.
Aileen Portillo, who received the Wells Fargo Bank Commemorative Scholarship, plans to use it as she attends Pasadena City College while majoring in business; she intends to transfer to a four-year university and later earn a master’s degree in business administration to become an Americans With Disabilities Act compliance officer. Representing Wells Fargo Bank, Jay Cabrales offered his congratulations.
For information regarding CSF and its mission, named scholarships program, fundraising or ways to become a member, email CSF President Brenda Gant at

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