Council to Continue Cell Tower Relocation Talks

After much public debate, the San Marino City Council unanimously agreed Wednesday to continue discussion about where to relocate a telecommunications tower at the next City Council meeting on July 12 at 6 p.m.
On Wednesday, 15 residents expressed opposition to relocating the Verizon Wireless tower — currently stationed at Huntington Middle School — to San Marino City Hall, located on the corner of Huntington Drive and San Marino Avenue.
“When you see that much opposition … the city should give the city staff and the residents time to study this issue,” San Marino Mayor Richard Sun said.
“When you’re on your cell phone, it’s just for a few minutes, but when you’re in your house, it’s 24/7,” said Dr. Shan Chu, whose Roanoke Drive home is near City Hall. “The studies show those who live within 300 meters of the tower have more neurobehavioral problems.”
— Shel Segal

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