Eagle Scout Applauds Inclusionary Policy

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America allowed girls to join scouting, instead of just boys. This decision angered those who thought that scouting programs should be separated by gender: girls in Girl Scouts, and boys in Boy Scouts.
In addition, the Girl Scouts of America sees this as a method of bolstering the falling Boy Scout memberships, to the detriment of the Girl Scouts. While there are many who oppose this decision, there are just as many who see it as an improvement.
In my opinion, this decision is long overdue. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that separate inherently means unequal in the context of segregated schools based on race; it should be the same when based on gender. The United States has always attempted to uphold the words, “All men are created equal.” Why is this any different? Boy Scouts is an organization that teaches leadership. In the real world, there are both men and women who will be led, which makes Boy Scouts a less accurate microcosm of real world. Therefore, allowing only boys in the organization negatively affects the teaching of leadership to scouts.
Even though this decision serves the purpose of increasing the number of Boy Scouts, it also promotes equality by reducing segregation by gender. It also allows the main goal of Boy Scouts — fostering leadership — to be learned in a more realistic environment which reflects the real world.
Therefore, as an Eagle Scout, I believe this change is a positive one.

Kevin Oghalai
La Cañada Flintridge

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