LCHS Hopes to Build Off First Victory in Nearly Two Years

It was a long game between the La Cañada High School varsity football team and New Design Watts of Los Angeles last Friday. Penalties and injuries often stopped the clock, making the first half last 1 hour, 34 minutes.
But the Spartan players and coaches relished every single minute of it. For the first time in nearly two years, they knew the feeling of building a lead and maintaining it for a victory.
“It feels so good,” said senior quarterback Matt Bromley, who was part of last year’s winless squad. “It’s been 14 games since we last won. We put in so much work in the offseason with everyone showing up since the beginning of spring. It’s such a relief to get a win and actually earn it.”
Not only did the Spartans earn it, but they deserved it with their attitude the past year despite being on the wrong side of the history of the program. La Cañada lost a record 14 consecutive games before defeating New Design Watts, 37-6, but the players always kept their heads up and battled, regardless of the score.
“We get so much trash from other schools,” said sophomore Jacob Hardy, who was the honorary captain against the Knights. “At the end of the day, this football team is a family. We go into the locker room and pick each other up. We love each other, and we treat each other like brothers and sisters, every one of us.”
That unity was evident after every play as Spartans cheered for each other for yards gained, a tackle, a big push, any contribution to the squad.
“Every coach I’ve ever talked to has said they’ve never seen a group that has more heart than this group of guys right here,” Bromley said. “Coming off a 0-10 season and coming back harder than before and getting dedicated to the grind and fighting for that win.”
The weight of the record was also lifted from a coaching staff that remained together despite the losses, transfer of athletes and low numbers of students trying out for football. Jason Sarceda picked up his first win as head coach.
“Our staff needed it,” he said. “We’re all excited. It’s a big pressure off us. Like I said from the start, we’re in it for the long haul. I know it will take a while to get the culture going, but we got some momentum. We have to keep building off of it. I saw the stands, coaches and boys, and they were all happy. Let’s keep that going.”
The players echoed their coach and looked forward to this Friday’s game at Whittier Pioneer.
“We train so much,” Hardy said. “After going 0-10 last season, we were just so down. Having this win is finally going to boost our morale. We’re going to take this into Pioneer, and I feel like we’re going to have a great game.”

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