LCHS Is Losing Two Assistant Principals, Will Hire Just One

Jonathan Lyons and Kip Glazer
Jonathan Lyons and Kip Glazer are leaving La Cañada High School to become principals in Carmel and the Santa Barbara area, respectively.

With some big administrative changes already undertaken this school year, La Cañada High School is prepping for yet another.
Assistant principals Jonathan Lyons and Kip Glazer are set to leave, having accepted jobs in other districts, and the district will look to fill the vacancies with just one person, administrators said.
“Historically, the LCHS team is two assistant principals and one principal,” said LCHS Principal Jim Cartnal, who was confirmed in his role in March after briefly serving on an interim basis. Former Principal Ian McFeat has left the district since reaching a settlement of a dispute with the school system.
“The three-assistant model, I believe, was adopted because Mr. McFeat was ill. Now that I’m the principal, it will return to two assistant principals. With Mr. Lyons and Kip being promoted to principal in other school districts, we will hire one assistant.”
A number of issues last year — including McFeat’s cancer battle, an important accreditation review for LCHS and an all-encompassing campus safety and security plan — led to the addition of an assistant principal, said La Cañada Unified School District Superintendent Wendy Sinnette.
“We felt like we needed to support administrators with additional staff, so we added the one position,” Sinnette said. “We said that it would never last longer than the three-year cycle of the budget. But since we’re having all of this change and we see stability on the horizon for our administrators, Jim requested we go back to the two-A.P. [assistant principal] model.”
In late April, Lyons was named the new principal at Carmel High School on the state’s Central Coast, according to the Carmel Unified School District.
On April 25, Lyons posted a message on his Twitter account (now @jlyonsCHS instead of @jylonsLCHS) that said, “New job … new gear. Can’t wait to get to work next year as the new Carmel High Principal. Thanks to @bdillvarga and the CUSD board for the opportunity. #GoPadres #wearecarmelunified.”
The effective date of his resignation is June 30. The resignation was listed in the personnel report at Tuesday night’s LCUSD Governing Board meeting.
Glazer’s name, meanwhile, was submitted to the board on March 20 to approve her resignation, also effective June 30, as assistant principal. In March, she was named principal for San Marcos High School in the Santa Barbara Unified School District, which announced the appointment.
In a message posted to her LinkedIn account in March that directly linked to a SBUSD press release, Glazer wrote, “I am so excited to be named the next Principal at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara. It truly is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to start my new adventure.”
Sinnette said the LCUSD congratulates Glazer and Lyons for their work at LCHS.
“Both of them are going to high-performing high schools,” Sinnette said. “We appreciate all their contributions over the last two years and we wish them well.”
McFeat was named the district’s executive director of student services in early December after serving as LCHS principal since 2012. He reached a settlement with the district to receive a sum equal to $133,192, according to an agreement he signed on Dec. 4. According to the settlement, he would “immediately” submit a letter of resignation with the end date of June 30. McFeat had expressed workplace complaints against LCUSD including “alleged retaliation, discrimination and harassment,” according to the settlement document. His wife, former La Cañada Elementary School Principal Christine Castillo, was to receive $385,000 in a lump-sum payment, according to a settlement agreement she signed on Dec. 4. Her lawsuit against LCUSD, filed on Dec. 28, 2016, had alleged sexual discrimination and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional stress.
Cartnal said the district is looking at the duties of Kalb, who is the assistant principal in charge of athletics, discipline and special education, to figure out what the new assistant principal’s duties should be.
“Whenever we have an opportunity for a new team to come together, we will look at their strengths and the position,” he said. Cartnal said he used to be an assistant principal of curriculum and instruction and noted that Lyons and Glazer each held the position previously, meaning that the duties can be changed.
The position was reposted and closed on Monday, and now officials are setting up interviews and conducting them before a proposed July 1 start date, he said. Cartnal said candidates were interviewed for Glazer’s job — before Lyons announced his move — but they “didn’t have the interest we’re looking for.”
As for the new position, Cartnal said he is looking for someone who “has a proven record of working in a high-demand school environment who is high-performing and great with kids.” Additionally, he wants the candidate to have some experience with “wellness initiatives” and be an instructional leader.
Sinnette said 26 people have applied for the assistant principal position and some will be selected for interviews on May 29.
“Then we’ll hopefully bring to the board the candidate for approval on June 18,” Sinnette said.

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