Drum Tour to Set the Beat at Rose Bowl on July 2

Every New Year’s Day, Pasadena welcomes an eclectic array of marching bands to Colorado Boulevard for the annual Rose Parade. Differences in their styles and choreography help round out the long-standing tradition while supplementing colorful floats on that January morning. But with the Rose Parade still six months away, local residents can look forward to a different event that will feature similar performances involving music and movement. Continue reading “Drum Tour to Set the Beat at Rose Bowl on July 2”

Reassure Kids in Disasters, Part 2

Carefree and innocent childhoods are sometimes unfortunately interrupted by natural disasters, accidents, and other unusual circumstances that require parents to provide an extra measure of reassurance and security for their children.
Children are observant and impressionable, and they rely on their parents to make sense out of occurrences that are frightening or that they’ve never been exposed to previously. Continue reading “Reassure Kids in Disasters, Part 2”

Friends in Deed Seeks Summer Food Donations

For the past several years, Friends in Deed has helped low-income to no-income families in Pasadena offset the rising cost of food so that paying for rent or other monthly necessities doesn’t have to be as difficult to navigate. The interfaith nonprofit’s food pantry is one of about 700 agencies associated with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which delivers nearly 770,000 meals throughout the county every week. But with summer fast approaching, Friends in Deed is bracing for a slight dilemma regarding its food pantry, which relies heavily on private donations. Continue reading “Friends in Deed Seeks Summer Food Donations”

Barger Has Big Cushion; Opponent is Uncertain

Longtime San Marino resident Kathryn Barger last week stormed through the primary election in her bid to be the next supervisor in Los Angeles County’s 5th District, receiving nearly double the votes of her nearest competitor.
OK, that’s the obvious part. Much less certain is what will shake out among the runners-up in the next two weeks, and who her competitor will be in the general election on Nov. 8. Continue reading “Barger Has Big Cushion; Opponent is Uncertain”

Wish Lists Held in Check as Council Adopts Budget

After 20 weeks of carefully sifting through the city’s finances, the City Council last week adopted the budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year that begins July 1. It was evident even at the finish, however, that the newly constituted council — which gained two new members in last November’s election — is serious about examining every expense and squeezing every nickel on behalf of San Marino’s taxpayers. Continue reading “Wish Lists Held in Check as Council Adopts Budget”