Pasadena Has an Advocate in Kennedy

Lena Kennedy had just been elected to the Blair High School student government when a small earthquake shook Pasadena many years ago. Although damage was minimal, the rumble still littered city streets with debris. Fallen tree branches lay around her neighborhood for days, blocking roadways and becoming safety hazards. At first, Kennedy didn’t think much of the slow cleanup. City workers must be busy, she told herself. But Kennedy soon began to notice something bothersome. Continue reading “Pasadena Has an Advocate in Kennedy”

Celebrate Our Country With Sparkle and Spirit

Dear Parents,
The Fourth of July is celebrated with sparkle and spirit by families in our great nation, across the fruited plains and from sea to shining sea.
Get ready to bring out all of the red, white and blue traditions and prepare to spend the day making memories as a family and connecting the generations in a united commemoration of the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we all enjoy. Continue reading “Celebrate Our Country With Sparkle and Spirit”

Poulsen Receives Appointment From Governor

The responsibilities of raising a perfectly healthy infant are already taxing enough on parents. But when their young child has special needs, the stress on a family can skyrocket. This issue has always guided the work of Pasadena resident Marie Poulsen, the chief pediatric psychologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Poulsen believes that the best way to aid a developmentally delayed or disabled baby is by also providing care for the family who is supporting it. Continue reading “Poulsen Receives Appointment From Governor”