SMPD Totals Seven Arrests in Two-Day Span

San Marino police officers had their handcuffs full on Oct. 4 and 5, arresting seven suspects in four unrelated incidents within city limits.
In the early hours of Oct. 4, officers arrested a Pasadena man for a vehicle stolen in Beverly Hills and also arrested two female passengers inside the vehicle on suspicion of attempted auto theft of a San Marino resident’s car. Continue reading “SMPD Totals Seven Arrests in Two-Day Span”

PFA Stresses Healthy Mindset

Stress, drugs and talkin’ goals.
Those were the topics of conversation at Partnership for Awareness’ “Not In Our Town” event last week in San Marino, as a panel of four local leaders spoke candidly about issues facing adolescents and challenged parents to re-calibrate their standards of academic expectations during a Q-and-A event co-chaired by Su Viswanathan and Ning Wu. Continue reading “PFA Stresses Healthy Mindset”

Partnership for Awareness to Address Bullying Oct. 15

Most students at San Marino High School have probably dealt with it at some point in their lives. The incident may have occurred in elementary school or perhaps it took place in middle school. Maybe it just happened yesterday. Wherever, whenever or however bullying rears its ugly head, the fallout is almost always detrimental, especially for victims attempting to navigate through their formative years. Continue reading “Partnership for Awareness to Address Bullying Oct. 15”

A Canvas for Creative Learning

In a wing of the Huntington Art Gallery last Friday afternoon, a group of young academics converged to discuss one of the most profound cultural phenomenons of the 21st century: the selfie. It’s hard to imagine what Henry E. Huntington would make of Instagram, Snapchat or Tumblr, but for students enrolled in San Marino High School’s honors humanities course, these new media bear an important place in the broader context of art history. Continue reading “A Canvas for Creative Learning”

Council Considers Forming Budget Advisory Panel

The city of San Marino’s budgeting process isn’t the easiest thing to make sense of, so the City Council is considering forming a committee of a few citizens to pore over the numbers, ask questions of staff members and ascertain if there are ways through which greater savings can be achieved.
A three-man remnant of the council — Mayor Eugene Sun, Vice Mayor Dr. Continue reading “Council Considers Forming Budget Advisory Panel”