Pasadena Food Hug Delivers 500 Meals to Huntington Hospital ‘Healthcare Heroes’

Photo courtesy Pasadena Food Hug
Trisha Muse (left), founder of the Pasadena Food Hug program, delivered more than 500 meals to Huntington Hospital’s Stacy Miller to help feed the hospital’s “Healthcare Heroes.” The program, which received a recently $6,000 donation from the Pasadena Host Lions Club, is presented by the Latino Restaurant Association.

The Latino Restaurant Association’s (LRA) Pasadena Food Hug Program recently delivered meals to more than 500 healthcare heroes from Huntington Hospital. The meals were made possible thanks to a $6,000 donation from the Pasadena Host Lions Club to the program. Since its launch last August, the program has raised nearly $80,000 and delivered more than 5,300 meals to essential workers across Pasadena in more than 30 industries, including healthcare, first responders, utilities, grocery and retail, senior living/nursing homes, and nonprofits.
“Pasadena Host Lions Club is honored to serve the community by providing the Latino Restaurant Association this grant in support of its Pasadena Food Hug Program,” said Donna Pomerantz, president of the Pasadena Host Lions Club. “Our motto is, ‘Together We Serve.’ What an exceptional way to make our corner of the world a better place by recognizing our frontline heroes while supporting small business simultaneously.”
“The generous grant from the Pasadena Host Lions Club enabled us to continue living out our vision to deliver comfort and hope to frontline workers and to help local restaurants survive the pandemic,” said Trisha Muse, Food Hug Program founder and LRA volunteer. “We are thankful to all donors who have allowed us to provide a ‘Food Hug’ to those in the community who are working hard to keep us safe during this time.”
Muse, a Pasadena resident, launched the Pasadena Food Hug Program with LRA, a national nonprofit, last year as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program raises funds that support minority-owned restaurants in the Pasadena area which are hired to prepare comforting meals (a.k.a. “Food Hugs”) that are delivered to a variety of frontline workers throughout the city.
“Restaurants are struggling to stay in business”, said Lilly Rocha, CEO of the Latino Restaurant Association. “We’re so proud of our Feeding Frontliners and Pasadena Food Hug programs because they support our local restaurants and recognize our healthcare heroes.”
“We are grateful for the thoughtful delivery of meals from Amigos, El Portal, Bonnie B’s, Yuca’s and Leberry Bakery, which fed Huntington healthcare heroes,” said Huntington Hospital Senior Vice President Jane Haderlein. “Our community is at the heart of everything we do. We appreciate this generous ‘thank you’ sponsored by Pasadena Food Hug and Pasadena Lions Club as our dedicated caregivers continue their tireless work.”
Pasadena Food Hug has supported 10 restaurants, including Amigos Mexican Restaurant, El Portal/Yahaira’s Cafe, Urbano Mexican Kitchen, El Metate Café, Chamo Venezuelan Cuisine, Amara Café & Restaurant, Yuca’s Pasadena, Perry’s Joint, Leberry Bakery and Bonnie B’s Smokin BBQ.
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