Police Track Surveillance on Two Burglaries

Detectives with the San Marino Police Department have obtained surveillance footage on two burglaries that happened last week and hope it will help track down the suspects.
Officers also arrested a Los Angeles man last week for allegedly soliciting a lewd act from a local man as he walked to his car.
Two unidentified suspects were shown burglarizing the store Potato & Tea in the 2900 block of Huntington Drive in the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 17. Starting at 4:35 a.m., they pried through the locked back door from the alley behind the store and took loose change and cash from the store’s cash register.
The first suspect was described as wearing a dark hoodie, light colored pants, black tennis shoes and gray, yellow and black gloves. The second suspect was wearing a light colored hoodie, dark pants, checkered boxers, black running shoes and black gloves and also covered his mouth with a dark fabric. The second suspect also appeared to be carrying a reciprocating saw with an orange handle.
Both suspects had pulled the drawstrings tight on their hoods, further obstructing their faces. They fled several minutes afterward in a black Hyundai Genesis Coupe with silver rims and a rear paper plate. A postal worker witnessed the two men fleeing.
Detective Naved Qureshi said the car may represent a newer trend among burglars, in which they rent high-end vehicles to blend in better.
“It’s not suspicious to people,” he said. “Altadena just had an arrest last month where someone was driving a brand new Audi that they had rented. Basically they just try to fit in more and look like they live in the city or the nearby area.”
Two Men Flee After
Breaking Into Home
At around 10:15 a.m. of Friday, April 20, two men were filmed breaking into a home in the 700 block of Canterbury Road and then fleeing after triggering an audible alarm. The men were shown scaling a wall into the backyard and smashing through a window. The alarm was triggered after they entered the home.
“Most of the time, they’ll case the area first, ring the doorbell, check if no one’s home,” Qureshi said. “A lot of them know people are getting these Ring devices with cameras, so they’ll cover up and not look directly at the camera. Then they’ll go through the back or a second person will go through the back.”
The first suspect was described as standing between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet tall with an average build and wearing a green hoodie, dark pants, dark shoes, white socks and light-colored gloves. The second suspect was described as standing between 5-9 and 6-0 with an average build and wearing a green hoodie with Cal in white lettering on the front, dark pants, dark shoes and light-colored gloves.
Both men were shown climbing back over the wall and fleeing in a light blue SUV or minivan that was waiting for them southbound on Canterbury Road. Any loss was unknown as of this week.
Qureshi said even though physical evidence is limited, cameras could help circumstantially identify the suspects if they are ever arrested in another jurisdiction.
“We can identify these things through video very easily,” he said.
Man Arrested for
Lewd Conduct
At 7:36 a.m. Thursday, April 19, officers arrested a 47-year-old Los Angeles man, for lewd conduct in a public place. Sgt. Tim Tebbetts said the victim had picked up an order from Starbucks and was walking back to his car parked near the Huntington Drive and Ridgeway Road intersection when the suspect approached him and apparently asked to have sex in the car.
The victim got into his car, Tebbetts said, and then drove a block away before calling 911. Officers quickly located the suspect and arrested him.
Tebbetts said the alleged proposition was not for the exchange of money and explained that approaching someone in public and inquiring about lewd activity is different from two people whose discussion led to the topic.
“If someone just walked up to a table of women at a club and said, ‘Would one of you want to come home with me tonight?’ he could be looking at a charge like this,” Tebbetts said.
The suspect was booked into Alhambra Jail on the misdemeanor charge and later released. Tebbetts added he did not have any prior arrests, charges or convictions that related to this charge.

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