Public Meeting on Budget Proposals This Friday

The City Council will publicly review budget proposals for the city and its various departments at its Friday study session in the Barth Room at Crowell Public Library.
The budget presentation by City Manager Marcella Marlowe will include the base operating budget, the Capital Improvement Plan, Strategic Plan items, organizational investment items, additional needs and program suggestions, and changes to fund balance reserves.
The City Council will have until the end of August to modify and approve the budgets.
The base operating budget, as recommended, nets out to a 3% increase year to year, thanks to a 2% salary increase for all city employees (except for Marlowe) but also $301,967 in proposed cuts; there also is an additional $208,000 listed in the base operating budget, but this is effectively being reassigned from where it was listed in previous fiscal years.
The Capital Improvement Plan estimates $3,765,100 in expenses, with $1.5 million of that coming from special outside revenue sources; the remainder is fully funded.
With all said and done, Marlowe’s presentation estimates adding $4,511,520 to fund balance reserves, putting the total reserves at 61% of the year’s operating budget.
Marlowe plans to take any recommendations from the City Council and make the changes to formally present a budget on July 27. The city has delayed the budgeting process by two months this year to account for a variety of procedural changes spurred by committee work and other research. Although the fiscal year begins on July 1, only day-to-day operational expenses will be allowed until the budget is adopted.
The full agenda report can be viewed on the city’s website. The meeting begins at 8 a.m. Friday.

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