SMUSD Aces Test Again: No. 1 in State Evaluations

The news is pleasing but probably not surprising: San Marino Unified School District has retained its position atop the state Department of Education’s annual academic evaluations, making it the No. 1 public school district in California for nearly two decades.
The evaluations, known as the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, were publicly released this week. In a separate statement, SMUSD officials noted that this was the fourth year the district had the top overall CAASPP scores and that for 15 years prior to CAASPP, it also placed first in whatever evaluations the state had used.
“This is truly an incredible accomplishment,” interim Superintendent Loren Kleinrock said in the statement. “Year after year, we are gratified to see that our education strategies and high-caliber teaching result in demonstrated academic success at all levels. I would like to thank our amazing teachers for leading the way and our outstanding students for their hard work and dedication. The entire San Marino community should celebrate this success.”
The CAASPP measures proficiency in English language arts/literacy and mathematics in grades 3-8 and 11, breaking the measurements into four categories: standards exceeded, standards met, standards nearly met and standards not met. Calculating an average of “standards exceeded” and “standards met” among the seven grade levels, the assessment relying on tests found that 87% of SMUSD students were proficient in English and 87% were proficient in math; the 87% average of meeting or exceeding standards is tops in the state.
By grade, 92.43% of 3rd-graders met or exceeded standards for English (91.67% at Carver Elementary School, 93.18% at Valentine Elementary School) and 94.65% met or exceeded standards for math (94.79% at Carver and 94.51% at Valentine).
Among 4th-graders, the numbers were 93.57% for English (92% at Carver and 95.14% at Valentine) and 91.7% for math (90.19% at Carver and 93.2% at Valentine).
For 5th-graders, 91.49% met or exceeded standards for English (89.29% at Carver and 93.69% at Valentine) and 90.4% for math (89.57% at Carver and 91.23% at Valentine).
At Huntington Middle School, 89.52% of 6th-graders met or exceeded standards for English and 88.48% for math; 84.04% of 7th-graders met or exceeded English and 82.44% met or exceeded math; and 78.26% of 8th-graders met or exceeded English and 77.74% met or exceeded math.
At San Marino High School, the numbers for 11th-graders were 83.59% for English and 86.69% for math.
Other Los Angeles area school districts ranking highly included La Cañada Unified School District (No. 2), South Pasadena Unified School District (No. 5), and Manhattan Beach Unified School District (No. 6).
“San Marino students speak to the possibilities in public education that success is attainable by those who take advantage of every learning opportunity, and that there is a value in continually striving for academic excellence,” SMUSD Board of Education President Shelley Ryan said in the district’s statement. “Congratulations to our amazing students, and to the families, the San Marino community, administrators, teachers and support staff that work so hard to support them.”
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