Spanish Class Tradition Cooks Up Paella

Photo courtesy Marian Price
Marian Price chats with students Clara Kakuk, Grace Li, Stephanie Yu, Audrey Chen and Sonia Bashkaran.

Marian Price’s advanced placement Spanish class works very hard every year and 100% of the students pass their official A.P. test, usually with 4’s and 5’s. “As a gesture to their efforts and also seeking some bonding in the group, I organize this annual paella get-together and cook paella (typical Spanish dish from Valencia, Spain) for them and in their presence. I started this tradition in the year 2001 when I found out that my students didn’t know what paella was. Since then I have been doing it every year. Sometimes, I feel like quitting, but the word-of-mouth tradition prevents me from doing it. There is always the student who asks in class: ‘When is the paella party going to happen?’ They all look forward to it.”

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