Local Lawyer Finds ‘Second Act’ in Passion Projects

Photos courtesy Ken White
Attorney Ken White, raised in La Cañada Flintridge, has developed a following for his columns, podcasts, blogs and tweets regarding legal and criminal justice issues.

On a recent vacation, local attorney Ken White had to assure his wife that celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti was not mad at him this time.
Evidently, White — a La Cañada Flintridge native and legend in Twitter’s political and legal circles — made the calming remark while bearing the trademark grin that usually follows his acerbic, often deadpan snipes directed at social media personalities, typically for misguided interpretations of the law that match their outsized online personas. (He recently sparred with “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams on defamation, for example.)
On this occasion, White said he in fact had not prodded Avenatti, the bombastic attorney whose representation of adult movie actress Stormy Daniels paved the way for his public confrontations with President Donald Trump.
“Technically, Kid Rock,” White chuckled, recalling the answer to his wife’s query about whom he had just antagonized. Continue reading “Local Lawyer Finds ‘Second Act’ in Passion Projects”