Four Ways to Navigate the New Abnormal

By Jay Wagener, Special to The Outlook

Jay Wagener

As we head further into our nation’s response to COVID-19, it feels like every day we are bombarded with an entirely new mass of information, including rules and regulations regarding how we are supposed to carry on our daily lives. Since these rules are mandatory, we are forced to adapt to these changing circumstances.
Two weeks ago we were planning vacations, going to movies, eating at restaurants, planning to graduate and going to work. One of my patients, who had lobbied for years to have a work-from-home week, told me he would give anything to go back to work for just one day. This new abnormal has become the new normal. COVID-19 has forced us to examine how we will adapt to a new way of being.
The way in which we adapt to these new circumstances is the challenge. Psychologists call the successful adaptation process “resilience.” The American Psychological Association defines resilience as “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, tragedy, threats of significant sources of stress such as serious health problems or workplace or financial stress. As much as resilience involves ‘bouncing back’ from these difficult experiences, it can also involve personal growth.”
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