Urn Holding Mother’s Ashes Stolen in Burbank

Photo courtesy Burbank Police Department
Burbank police are asking residents for help finding an urn with a mother’s ashes that was stolen from a vehicle this week along with several other items.

Denisha Whittle said she was away from her car for 10-15 minutes — closer to 12, she believes.
And when she came back, she noticed several items had been pulled from the vehicle’s console onto the passenger seat. But her thoughts were on one item in particular: an urn containing her mother’s ashes.
It was gone. So was a laptop, some gold rings that belonged to Whittle’s mother and a jewelry box passed down from her grandmother.
The theft reportedly occurred on Tuesday at about noon near an apartment in the 4400 block on Sarah Street. The urn, which was in a shipping box inside the unlocked vehicle, is inscribed with the name “Anita Sue Fowler.”
“People are crappy, but you don’t have to be that crappy,” Whittle said in a phone interview. “[The urn] is actually priceless to me.”

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