Top 10 Things To Do While ‘Safer at Home’

By Annette Ermshar
Special to The Outlook

Annette Ermshar

1. Make Time for self-care and stay positive – Get rest, strengthen your immune system, and be sure to attend to your mental health needs. It is a well-known fact that mental and emotional stress have a direct impact on our immune functions. On the flip side, we also know that a positive outlook on life and self-compassion are associated with a stronger immune system. In addition, be sure you are getting enough sleep and limit the use of alcohol to manage or escape your stress. Should you find your mental health symptoms escalating, consider teletherapy. Teletherapy is a great way to maintain mental health and to process the many emotions that we are all facing with a therapist, right from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading “Top 10 Things To Do While ‘Safer at Home’”

Take Steps to Protect Your Mental Health in Stressful Times

By Annette Ermshar, Special to The Outlook

Annette Ermshar

The coronavirus has triggered surprising behavioral responses, including panic buying and convincing yourself that a throat tickle might mean a fatal illness. But equally concerning is the increase in mental health symptoms.
Self-isolation, loss of freedom, uncertainty and fear about what is ahead, and a change in routine and schedule are all contributing to increased stress, anxiety and feelings of helplessness.
Uncertainties can instill a deep sense of fear. They include such questions as:
What protective steps can I take?
How extreme should we be in our response?
Are increased hand-washing and avoiding crowds sufficient, or should we self-quarantine?
Should we move forward with our planned vacation?
Should I close down my office or business?
Should I cancel my spring wedding?
It is this uncertainty that drives anxiety, because people fear the unknown. When we don’t know what steps to take or we have a substantial shift in our routine, we feel vulnerable because we all like to plan ahead. Yet we are faced with significant and unpredictable disruptions to our routine and way of life. Uncertainty exceeds the medical issues at hand, and these disruptions have broader implications.
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Adventist Health Foundation Hosts Donor Reception

Photos courtesy Adventist Health Foundation
Dr. Harlan Gibbs, Dr. Hasmik Danielian, Arsen Danielian, James Van de Voorde, Annette Ermshar and Dan Monahan

A nearly century-old Spanish Baroque-style estate in Glendale’s Rossmoyne neighborhood was the site of a recent donor appreciation reception hosted by the Adventist Health Glendale Foundation.
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