Public Meeting on Budget Proposals This Friday

The City Council will publicly review budget proposals for the city and its various departments at its Friday study session in the Barth Room at Crowell Public Library.
The budget presentation by City Manager Marcella Marlowe will include the base operating budget, the Capital Improvement Plan, Strategic Plan items, organizational investment items, additional needs and program suggestions, and changes to fund balance reserves. Continue reading “Public Meeting on Budget Proposals This Friday”

City Council Budget $28 Million: Now, How to Spend It?

In preparing the city’s budget for the next fiscal year, department heads have been asked to either trim expenses or to maintain expenses and improve efficiency — but the City Council avoided phrasing any reduction or improvement as a specific order.
City Manager Marcella Marlowe said she plans to present a fairly maintained General Fund budget — one that doesn’t substantially add or reduce from the current year — as she continues to iron out the wrinkles of prior bureaucratic mismanagement in City Hall. Parks and Public Works Director Michael Throne outlined a plan to develop his department’s “assembly line” that will allow the city to aggressively address deferred infrastructure maintenance. Continue reading “City Council Budget $28 Million: Now, How to Spend It?”