Fin Is On the Other Foot for Driffill

Photo by Mitch Lehman / News-Press
Even after more than 40 years, Carol Driffill’s passion for Glendale High School’s swimming and water polo programs burns as brightly as ever. Driffill is looking forward to the grand opening of the school’s new swimming facility.

Though she dearly loved the sport of softball, Carol Driffill acknowledges that it wasn’t a sport she excelled at as a youngster.
She has mostly fond memories of growing up in Glendale as Carol Passon, though one brings small pangs of anxiety.
“I loved softball, but I wasn’t very good,” Driffill said with a chuckle. “My coach made me bunt every time I came up to bat. The sign to bunt was he would touch his beard, belt and the bill of his cap. I would think, ‘Here come the three B’s!’”
This revelation was followed by a hearty guffaw.

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