Caution Urged as Three Coronavirus Cases Emerge

Photo by Wes Woods II / OUTLOOK
The tennis courts on Cornishon Avenue were closed recently after the city of La Cañada Flintridge took action to reduce opportunities for coronavirus transmission following an L.A. County Department of Public Health order.

As Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials confirmed three coronavirus cases in a region including La Cañada Flintridge as of Wednesday, the city’s mayor called this a “serious and difficult time” for the community.
The region referred to by public health also includes unincorporated La Crescenta-Montrose and has a population of 40,253.
“I ask that our residents stay up to date with the recommendations to battle this virus,” Mayor Leonard Pieroni said in an email to The Outlook this week. “Adhere to the ‘safer at home’ orders from the federal, state and county leadership. We are all in this situation together. I count on our community to look out for our families, friends, and especially those that might need more help during this time. We will get through this, and I am looking forward to that.”
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L.A. County Announces Three New Deaths Related to Coronavirus

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has confirmed three new deaths and 138 new cases of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). All three individuals that died were over the age of 65 and had underlying health conditions.
One individual resided in Gardena, one in Wilmington and the other case is still under investigation. Additional information regarding some of the new cases is pending further investigation. Over the last 48 hours there have been 266 new cases.
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Take Steps to Protect Your Mental Health in Stressful Times

By Annette Ermshar, Special to The Outlook

Annette Ermshar

The coronavirus has triggered surprising behavioral responses, including panic buying and convincing yourself that a throat tickle might mean a fatal illness. But equally concerning is the increase in mental health symptoms.
Self-isolation, loss of freedom, uncertainty and fear about what is ahead, and a change in routine and schedule are all contributing to increased stress, anxiety and feelings of helplessness.
Uncertainties can instill a deep sense of fear. They include such questions as:
What protective steps can I take?
How extreme should we be in our response?
Are increased hand-washing and avoiding crowds sufficient, or should we self-quarantine?
Should we move forward with our planned vacation?
Should I close down my office or business?
Should I cancel my spring wedding?
It is this uncertainty that drives anxiety, because people fear the unknown. When we don’t know what steps to take or we have a substantial shift in our routine, we feel vulnerable because we all like to plan ahead. Yet we are faced with significant and unpredictable disruptions to our routine and way of life. Uncertainty exceeds the medical issues at hand, and these disruptions have broader implications.
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Step Up to Support Pasadena Businesses

By Paul Little, Special to The Outlook

Paul Little
President and CEO, Pasadena
Chamber of Commerce

We are in an unprecedented health crisis here in the United States and in the Pasadena area. Everyone — individuals, businesses, nonprofits and health-care providers — is being strained by the epidemic. While absolutely necessary to ensure the health of our residents, closure orders for restaurants, entertainment venues, meeting spaces, fitness studios and more are having a drastic and negative impact on our business community and its employees.
This is an especially difficult time for our retail, restaurant and service businesses. Most remain open and providing service, though in dramatically altered ways. Restaurants are offering takeout service, delivery and curb-side/valet pickup.
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City Hall Closures, Cancellations and Service Modifications

The city of Pasadena, citing public health information and the need to stop the spread of the , has temporarily closed several public facilities and made changes in municipal services.
Pasadena’s Human Resources Department is closed for in-person meetings but is serving customers by phone at (626) 744-4366 and by email at Job opportunities continue to be advertised online, and the department continues to accept applications.
Meanwhile, all city recreation and community centers are closed to the public. The YMCA Food Program will continue at Jackie Robinson and Villa-Parke community centers. All city parks and their restrooms remain open. Other changes:
Central Library and all nine branch libraries have closed. Due dates for borrowed materials will be automatically extended until June 1, no late fines will be assessed during this time and materials should be returned when libraries reopen. Librarians are available to provide assistance through telephone reference at (626) 744-4066 or the web-based service Ask Us! at
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Pasadena Changes Parking Policy, for Now

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Pasadena’s Department of Transportation has temporarily modified its parking policy to reduce the financial burden on residents and local businesses.
Changes by the department’s Parking Division include suspending enforcement of the overnight parking ordinance and of time limits in residential neighborhoods. The division also is suspending daytime street sweeping restrictions and payment at all curbside parking spaces.
Other temporary changes:
• All metered parking spaces will be temporarily converted to 20-minute parking to facilitate delivery and pickup of food from restaurants. The 20-minute limit on these spaces will be enforced.
• Individuals looking to park long term should park in parking garages and walk to their destination.
• Vehicle impounds that aren’t critical are temporarily suspended.
• There is a temporary suspension of booting and impounds for five or more past-due parking citations and for vehicles with expired registrations.
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Officials Brace for Possible COVID-19 Spike, Discuss Care Site Options

Photo by Mitch Lehman / Outlook
Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon Nature Center reported sizable crowds after government announcements directed people to stay home because of coronavirus concerns, but reminding them they could get out and walk.
As of Tuesday, local parks and trails remained open, although nearby cities announced closures due to overcrowding.

As occurrences of the coronavirus surged in Los Angeles County and California this week, local officials announced a doubling of Pasadena cases and expectations of a further increase, and said they are seeking alternate care sites should the patient load outpace the availability of beds as the health crisis worsens.
Huntington Hospital and the city are collaborating with local public health departments, as well as other hospitals, to identify possible sites to treat and quarantine patients, much like the county’s arrangement to use the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel in Pomona should the local health care system become overwhelmed.
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Pasadena Unified School District Details Proactive Response to Coronavirus

Brian McDonald

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus has warranted an equally unprecedented response, and the Pasadena Unified School District is proud to be on the forefront of educational and institutional leadership during this time.
We have worked hard to prepare, act quickly in response to a fluid and ever-changing situation, and to bring together resources to ensure that teachers in the district have the support they need to teach effectively. We have also made sure that children have the tools they need to continue to learn and thrive with as little interruption as possible.

Here’s how it all happened:

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LCUSD Cancels Student Trips Amid Coronavirus Precaution

The La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board instructed Superintendent Wendy Sinnette this week to cancel student out-of-state field trips involving air travel because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the district is also assessing the importance of large group activities amid social distancing precautions.
At a regular meeting of the board Tuesday night, Sinnette and LCUSD’s Chief Technology Officer Jamie Lewsadder delivered a detailed report about the district’s plans regarding the possibility of school closures. The board also discussed upcoming air-travel field trips outside California as an agenda item and voted to cancel them.
Following the meeting, Sinnette sent out a district-wide letter about the decision.
The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a respiratory illness that has spread worldwide. In a statement Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said there were 27 cases in the county, including three reported by the city of Long Beach. Officials also reported the county’s first coronavirus-related fatality; the woman who died was an older woman with underlying health issues and a nonresident who had been visiting friends.
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