Local Man Helps Lead Clinical Lab Program for COVID-19 Testing

Erik Bogaard

BGI and MGI recently announced a clinical lab partnership program designed to accelerate population-level testing to help fight the ongoing pandemic. The companies are leading global suppliers of COVID-19 RT-PCR test kits and automated sample preparation systems, including sample transfer and viral RNA extraction.
The program empowers accredited labs with high-quality, readily available technology so they can focus on maximizing productivity.
“In addition to delivering a world-class technology solution for COVID-19 testing programs like Task Force Lab’s, we are pleased to assure our partners that they have access to near limitless testing supplies, both extraction and detection, at a crucial time during this pandemic,” said Jeremy Nickolenko, head of global commercial partnerships for BGI-MGI. “Lack of testing reagents in this country is a myth. Having high-accuracy technology available in local warehouses now has helped TFL and other lab partners offer 24- to 48-hour turnaround times so their customers can get back to normal activity safely.”
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