Design Review Ponders Ways to Clarify Process

The city Design Review Committee may have another tool to help its work with local residents applying to make aesthetic and structural changes to their homes in San Marino.
One idea that emerged from the committee’s joint meeting with the City Council last week was to not only track the dates when applications are continued or denied, but also the reasons why the committee was uncomfortable moving forward with plans. The committee members said this could help them determine when applicants are taking the process seriously enough to work with them to get the project done. Continue reading “Design Review Ponders Ways to Clarify Process”

Design Review Approves Project With Conditions

After six conditions are met, the owners of 1300 Bedford Road will get the green light to add onto their current home, the Design Review Committee decided recently.
The committee approved the project with conditions on a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner John Dustin opposing. In discussion, Dustin had voiced concerns not necessarily shared by his colleagues and ultimately not addressed in the conditional approval. Continue reading “Design Review Approves Project With Conditions”