Sharing Explicit Images ‘Another Element’ of Sexual Violence, Officials Say

On a night in October, a young Glendale girl said she was engaged in the usual social media scroll when she noticed something disturbing, enough for her to hesitantly broach it with her parents and contact the police about it.
While using Snapchat — an image- and video-sharing app — the girl told Glendale police later that night that a number of accounts she followed were reposting another user’s content of explicit images and videos involving other underage girls. The posts were sometimes listed with the names of their Glendale middle or high school.
Not long after a police detective began working on this investigation on Oct. 18, another officer reached out about a separate report regarding these same posts. Two days later, the Glendale Police Department was granted a search warrant on Snapchat’s databases based on at least 15 underage girls — ages 13 to 17 — whose nude or partially nude photos were shared by at least one account.

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