Pasadena Heritage Director Advances City’s Self-Preservation

resident/CEO Jennifer DeVoll and Executive Director Sue Mossman
Photo by Melissa Kobe / OUTLOOK
Pasadena Heritage Executive Director Sue Mossman (right), who will be honored for 40 years of service on July 13 at Castle Green, is pictured with Pasadena Community Foundation President/CEO Jennifer DeVoll.

It’s hard to imagine a Pasadena without the Colorado Street Bridge, stately City Hall, renowned Greene & Greene homes or the turn-of-the-century, red brick landmark buildings that, united, make up historic Old Town, widely seen as an enviable example of urban revitalization across the nation.
Yet the loss of such assets is nearly what happened back in the 1970s, and many times since, before Pasadena Heritage rose to protect some of the city’s most iconic and idyllic structures, buildings, grassy knolls and everything in between. For 42 years and counting, the nonprofit organization has worked diligently — sometimes loudly and visibly, other times quietly, behind the scenes — to protect the city’s historic resources and strengthen policy to foster preservation, resulting in a beautiful place to live. Continue reading “Pasadena Heritage Director Advances City’s Self-Preservation”