City Council Budget $28 Million: Now, How to Spend It?

In preparing the city’s budget for the next fiscal year, department heads have been asked to either trim expenses or to maintain expenses and improve efficiency — but the City Council avoided phrasing any reduction or improvement as a specific order.
City Manager Marcella Marlowe said she plans to present a fairly maintained General Fund budget — one that doesn’t substantially add or reduce from the current year — as she continues to iron out the wrinkles of prior bureaucratic mismanagement in City Hall. Parks and Public Works Director Michael Throne outlined a plan to develop his department’s “assembly line” that will allow the city to aggressively address deferred infrastructure maintenance. Continue reading “City Council Budget $28 Million: Now, How to Spend It?”

City Council Ensures Capital Projects Funding

The City Council has taken the next step to what will likely result in public works projects becoming the routine for the foreseeable future.
Moving forward, the city will maintain a reserve fund balance of about 40% of General Fund revenues, with any exceeding amount to be transferred to either a Capital Projects Fund or a Capital Equipment Fund. The reserve fund balance will be used only for one-time expenditures in response to unanticipated needs or shortfalls in revenue, and if that happens, the city will plan to rebuild the balance back to the 40% benchmark as quickly as practical. Continue reading “City Council Ensures Capital Projects Funding”

Advisers Set City Council on Prudent Fiscal Path

The City Council has moved forward with a number of recommendations courtesy of the advisers to the strategic financial planning committee, tentatively setting the tone for how the city will start to approach its operational and capital expenses.
In a series of decisions made at Friday’s study session, the City Council has directed the city to maintain a fund reserve of 40% of the city’s operating revenue for the fiscal year and to commit any extra funds to a capital expense fund; to pay only its minimum required contribution toward the CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) pension liability; to prepare a multi-year capital spending plan and to complete a condition assessment of San Marino’s sewers, sidewalks and facilities. Continue reading “Advisers Set City Council on Prudent Fiscal Path”

City Council to Address Finances, Strategic Plan

The City Council meeting this Friday, April 27, looks to be a busy one, with presentation items on both the long-term strategic financial planning committee’s report and the overall Strategic Plan developed by the City Council and city administrators.
Recommendations coming from the financial planning committee will include the preparation of a multi-year financial outlook document to be regularly discussed; the establishment of a multitude of policies regarding reserve funding; directives regarding the city’s unfunded pension liability; and the implementation of an infrastructure and capital spending plan. Continue reading “City Council to Address Finances, Strategic Plan”

City Seeks Best Program for Lead Mitigation

Under direction of the City Council, the city’s Planning and Zoning Department will prepare an ordinance regarding lead mitigation in San Marino homes and bring it forward for consideration.
This comes after Director of Planning and Zoning Aldo Cervantes presented his research on the issue at a recent City Council meeting. He studied the issue following media coverage of the apparent preponderance of lead contamination among Los Angeles-area children, particularly in San Marino. Continue reading “City Seeks Best Program for Lead Mitigation”