Pasadena Firefighters’ Tribute to Gale Kohl

Photo by Erin Rodick / OUTLOOK

Gale Kohl (center), owner of Gale’s Italian restaurant, received a tribute from Pasadena firefighters last week for her philanthropic efforts and support of the city’s Fire Department. Kohl, who provides three meals to local fire stations three times each week, was recognizing firefighters for their efforts during the recent Bobcat Fire and protection of Mt. Wilson. However, firefighters from Station 32 turned the tables on Kohl at the fundraising event and surprised the Pasadena restaurateur by honoring her.

Restaurateurs Nourish Ties to Nonprofits, Flavor City’s Culture

Pasadena’s restaurateurs
Photo by Staci Moraza / OUTLOOK
Pasadena’s restaurateurs, many of whom have been operating local eateries for decades, include (front row, from left) Armando Ramirez, Abel Ramirez, Gale Kohl, R-lene Mijares de Lang and Pete Gallanis. Back: Michael Hawkins, Bob Harrison, John Bicos, Michael Osborn, Rick Liss, Robin Salzer and Gregg Smith.

It may have once been known as an idyllic suburban hub surrounded by orange groves and craftsman cottages, but Pasadena’s urban center has morphed in recent decades into a nexus of leisure, entertainment and gastronomy comparable to that of any metropolitan city, with offerings as diverse as the people who inhabit the City of Roses. Continue reading “Restaurateurs Nourish Ties to Nonprofits, Flavor City’s Culture”