Domestic Violence Reports Down, but Concerns Abound

Domestic violence incidents are trending downward, according to the Burbank Police Department. But some local organizations believe underreporting may be a cause.
There were 167 incidents in 2020, Lt. Eduardo Ruiz of the BPD said at a recent meeting of the Burbank Domestic Violence Task Force, a 16% decrease from the total of 199 in 2019. In 2018, he explained, there were 238 domestic violence incidents in Burbank.
This year through March, according to BPD data, there have been 46 domestic violence incidents, compared to 49 in 2020 and 67 in 2019 for the same period.
However, some members of the municipal task force — which convened for the first time in years on March 31 — expressed concern that the pandemic and related stay-at-home restrictions may be making it more difficult for those in an abusive relationship to contact police. Some reported that their organizations have received more domestic violence-related calls since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Salas Making a Difference, Earns ‘Heart and Excellence’ Award

Photo by David Laurell
Gloria Salas, who will receive the Glendale YWCA’s Community Service Award at the organizations 24th annual Heart and Excellence Awards on April 14, is pictured with her husband, former Burbank City Councilman Tim Murphy.

When Gloria Salas recently began receiving congratulatory emails, texts and phone messages, she was confused. That was until she found out that her husband, former Burbank City Councilman Tim Murphy, had learned she was to be the recipient of the Community Service Award at the Glendale YWCA’s 24th annual Heart and Excellence Awards.
“I couldn’t figure out what I was being congratulated for until I realized that Tim knew and told everyone,” laughed Salas. “It was nice to hear from so many people, and I really am honored, but I’m not one of those people who likes to be out in front taking the bow. I feel more comfortable being behind whatever team I’m working with just to get things done.”
A native Angeleno who has worked in the legal field since her senior year of high school, Salas’ passion has always been advocating for women’s rights and causes. She has been a longtime member of the Zonta Club of the Burbank and has served as the chapter’s president and advocacy chair of Zonta District 9, which covers five western states. In that role she has dealt with issues such as human trafficking and domestic violence, and went to Sacramento and Washington, D.C., to lobby on various pieces of legislation affecting women and girls.

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