Habitat for Humanity to Build More Families’ Dreams

Photo courtesy SGVHH
Glendale residents Kevin Garcia and Magaly Duarte Garcia pose with their three sons at the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity home dedication ceremony last year. The family is celebrating one year of living in their own home.

It’s been nearly one year since San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity helped Magaly Duarte Garcia and her family move into their forever home in Glendale, but the mother of three boys can still hardly believe their good fortune.
“I wake up every day, just so grateful to be able to call it my home and knowing we have security for my family. It’s taken so much stress away,” Duarte Garcia said. “This pandemic has been very stressful, but owning our own home and having space for the boys to study and have their own rooms, it has been a blessing.”
Before Duarte Garcia and her husband, Kevin Garcia, were chosen as homeowners to partner with SGVHH, they and the boys shared a two-bedroom apartment with her mother and sister. The family was constantly trying to stay quiet and out of the landlord’s sight for fear of eviction for overcrowding; at night, the two parents would anxiously shush the busy boys to not jump or run or disturb the neighbors. One of her sons, who is autistic, had a hard time being confined in such a small space and would try to run away.

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