Principals’ Goal: Early Detection of Students’ Academic Problems

Academic intervention emerged as a key theme in each of the reports from San Marino’s four school principals recently as they gave their traditional opening-of-school-year presentations to the board of education.
The reports also signaled a theme of dialing back the celebration of the San Marino Unified School District’s academic successes in favor of making sure the students working toward such accomplishments are, at the end of the day, healthy and responsible. Continue reading “Principals’ Goal: Early Detection of Students’ Academic Problems”

Carver, Valentine, Huntington Star in Niche School Rankings

Carver and Valentine elementary schools displayed a winning one-two punch among public elementary schools in Los Angeles County this year, according to a research website’s rankings, while Huntington Middle School also displayed the most clout at the junior high level.
The city’s two elementary schools took Nos. 1 and 2 in’s annual evaluations this year, each receiving an overall grade of A+. In the three sub-categories, both schools received an A+ in academics and teachers and an A-minus in diversity. Huntington, meanwhile, earned first place among the county’s middle schools. Continue reading “Carver, Valentine, Huntington Star in Niche School Rankings”