City to Consider Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers

The City Council will consider an ordinance next month that would temporarily raise wages for grocery and drug store workers.
City employees were tasked with providing options for the potential hazard pay, also commonly referred to as “hero pay,” during the council’s Tuesday meeting. Several California cities have enacted such pay increases, usually for grocery store workers, in recognition of the risk they face interacting with the public during the pandemic.
Following the council’s 3-2 approval, an ordinance will return to the panel for further discussion and a vote on May 4.

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Burbank Rescinds ‘Friendship City’ Status with Hadrut

The City Council voted unanimously this week to sever Burbank’s Friendship City relationship with Hadrut, an action that proponents said was necessary because of Hadrut’s capture by Azerbaijan and the resulting displacement of many Armenians there.
The council also agreed to consider a resolution to recognize Artsakh, a self-declared republic whose jurisdiction included Hadrut until a recent war, as an independent state. Both motions were approved Tuesday at the urging of community groups, as well as state and federal politicians.
The City Council has rarely taken a public stance on international issues, but has made an exception recently for the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Council members voted to condemn Azerbaijani aggression last October, about a month after the two nations resumed armed hostilities over Artsakh, also called Nagorno-Karabakh.
Both Armenia and Azerbaijan claim historical ties to the region. The majority of Artsakh is Armenian and its leaders have expressed support for uniting with Armenia in the past, though it is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan’s territory.
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