Dodgers Historian’s Eventful Spring Training Alongside Lasorda

Photos courtesy Los Angeles Dodgers
Tommy Lasorda (right), who passed away last week at age 93, is pictured at 1988 spring training with newly acquired Kirk Gibson, who would provide the most iconic home run in Dodgers history seven months later. Lasorda’s career included two World Series championships, an Olympic gold medal victory, and more celebrity speaking engagements and free meals than could be counted.

By Mark Langill
Special to The Outlook

My Master’s Class at Tommy Lasorda University began in spring training 2007 with one day’s notice and a late-night phone call that sounded like the opening of an action movie. The unlikely supporting actor was a somewhat mild-mannered team historian who wasn’t scheduled to appear at the team’s Vero Beach training facility until a few weeks later for his publicity department assignments.
“Can you be in Florida tomorrow morning?” asked a Dodgers executive. “Tommy’s assistant has taken a leave of absence and you’re the only one who can do his job.”
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Advice on Happiness Was Just What the Doctor Ordered

Jarvey Gilbert

With the presidential race overshadowing just about anything going on in “down-ballotville,” it is important for Burbankers to be aware that as Election Day draws nigh, our city is about to embark on a historic one.
In 2018 voters passed Measure V, which eliminated the city’s primary election and moved the general election from April to November to coincide with statewide and national elections. That means this fall will be the first time in the city’s history that Burbankers will elect their municipal representatives on Nov. 3.
As the Burbank City Council race heats up, I have been reflecting on the many people I have known who have served as the mayor of our city over the years. As I thought about them, one thing became painfully clear: I am old!

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