Gladiators Have Just Cause to Sit Out Season

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Kevin Lacey
Kevin Lacey

By Kevin Lacey
Special to The Outlook

La Cañada Gladiators Junior All American Football has been fielding teams in this community since the mid-1960s. We have decided, however, that there will be no Junior All American football in 2019. We think our community needs to know why we took this route and our intentions for 2020. We have discussed our decision and the rationale behind it with the city and the La Cañada Sports Coalition, and are happy to report they are in full support. Continue reading “Gladiators Have Just Cause to Sit Out Season”

LC Gladiators Will Not Play Jr. All American Football This Season

La Cañada Gladiators
Photo courtesy Kevin Lacey
The La Cañada Gladiators will not field any teams this season because of rule changes made by the conference. The local youth football organization has participated in every season since 1968.

The La Cañada Gladiators have fielded youth football teams and competed in the San Gabriel Valley Conference of Junior All American Football since 1968, making the program president’s decision to not participate in the 2019 season a difficult one. Continue reading “LC Gladiators Will Not Play Jr. All American Football This Season”