Motor Classic Shapes Up as Alluring Car Cornucopia

Aaron Weiss
Aaron Weiss

No matter your relationship to the automobile, you’re likely to find something to enjoy about the annual San Marino Motor Classic, which returns to Lacy Park on Sunday, June 9.
For the entry fee of $35 at the door (free for children 12 and younger), guests may enjoy the annual display of venerable antiques, never-before-seens and the cream of the crop that fills Lacy Park for the day. Organizers have gathered well over 400 vehicles this year.
“For the quality of what we have, the number is pretty amazing,” said Aaron Weiss, a founder of the Motor Classic. “These are all Concours-level show cars. We have some coming from as far as the East Coast. We have some pretty significant cars.” Continue reading “Motor Classic Shapes Up as Alluring Car Cornucopia”

Council Approves Three More Years for Motor Classic at Lacy Park

The City Council approved a three-year agreement for organizers to continue using Lacy Park to host the famed San Marino Motor Classic at its meeting last week.
The agreement, which continues an arrangement first struck in 2011 for the inaugural Motor Classic, stipulates that organizers rent out Lacy Park for $3,545 for the annual event, a sum equivalent to all of the park’s rental area fees. The agreement will cover the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Motor Classics, as the outgoing agreement covers the one happening next month. Continue reading “Council Approves Three More Years for Motor Classic at Lacy Park”

City Wants Lacy Park Rose Arbor to Rise Anew

Lacy Park’s beloved Rose Arbor not only will return to its spot adorning the western entrance to the San Marino haven, but it will even have the same design as the structure torn down in 2016.
The question to be answered — tentatively in March — will be how to pay for it.
“The general consensus of the City Council seems pretty clearly to rebuild,” City Manager Marcella Marlowe said during Friday’s council meeting. “The first question is, do you want to put city funds forward to do it, or do we want to rely on donations?” Continue reading “City Wants Lacy Park Rose Arbor to Rise Anew”

City to Parade, Party on July 4

One of San Marino’s key annual events is back and ready to bring the community together again to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day.
San Marino’s Fourth of July Celebration, complete with parade and fireworks display, will begin at 7 a.m. Wednesday, with Lacy Park opening at its Virginia Road entrance to allow attendees to lay claim to their spots for the day. People may use blankets or chairs to designate their areas, but may not stick anything into the ground or use plastic sheeting as a substitute. Continue reading “City to Parade, Party on July 4”

Rotary Plants Sycamore Trees for Earth Day

It’s apparently easy being green in San Marino.
In an early observance of Earth Day, the Rotary Club of San Marino completed its part of Rotary International’s quest to plant 1.2 million trees this year — one tree for every Rotarian. Although the local club had to outsource where most of its allotment was planted, it did end up planting two 12-foot Mexican sycamores in Lacy Park this year, both of which were formally commemorated last Thursday. Continue reading “Rotary Plants Sycamore Trees for Earth Day”

San Marino Makes Finance Director Permanent

At the recommendation of Marcella Marlowe and with the concurrence of the City Council, San Marino is moving forward with Josh Betta as its full-time finance director.
Removing “interim” from Betta’s job title marks the first time in nearly two years City Hall has employed a full-time finance director on staff, having made due with contracted services before Betta was brought in initially as an interim placeholder shortly before Marlowe’s hire in October. Continue reading “San Marino Makes Finance Director Permanent”