Council Near Final Budget, But Hang-Ups Remain

The budget is close to completion, but the city’s administration and City Council aren’t playing horseshoes.
They will be forced to make an 11th-hour vote on the final budget later this month to ensure the city has a formal spending plan by the beginning of September, a deadline that is already past the July 1 start of the fiscal year. The City Council, in its meeting last week, remained hung up on the Parks and Public Works Department, as well as the Recreation Department, but narrowly issued tentative approval for the other municipal departments. Continue reading “Council Near Final Budget, But Hang-Ups Remain”

Budget Planning Creates Long Hours for City Officials

When the City Council met Monday, July 2, it wasn’t for a regularly scheduled meeting; it was, instead, a continuation of its meeting from the prior Friday morning.
This continuation was born of the fact that the Friday meeting, which was a preliminary look at the formal budget proposal coming later this month, lasted more than six hours. This was not unexpected, at least as reflected in various conversations with city officials in the days leading up to the meeting. The city is, after all, undergoing a deliberately prolonged budgeting process not least because of a mutual desire to overhaul the way San Marino’s government conducts business. Continue reading “Budget Planning Creates Long Hours for City Officials”

New City Manager Sees Stability, Unity as Priorities

Marcella Marlowe

Her office is just about put together. The business cards are printed and ready for taking. She’s looking forward to Friday’s City Council meeting, which will officially be her first.
Marcella Marlowe, at the helm for two weeks now as San Marino’s new city manager, said her welcome has been about as good as it gets.
“It’s really great,” she said in an interview Oct. 20. “Everyone has been welcoming and wonderful. I’ve been telling everybody how lucky I feel here.” Continue reading “New City Manager Sees Stability, Unity as Priorities”