Traffic-Relief Ideas Range From ‘Fix It’ to ‘Forget It’

Michael Throne
Photo by Zane Hill / OUTLOOK
Parks and Public Works Director Michael Throne speaks with a local couple, Kim and Kien Chua, about a traffic-related concern in San Marino. Throne and other city officials have been soliciting ideas to improve traffic flow in town, though many residents say the answer is simply to do nothing.

The City Council plans to take a first look at specific proposals to alleviate traffic congestion on portions of San Marino roadways sometime in June, finally starting a council-level discussion on whether the city should even move forward with the projects that would be funded by Metro. Continue reading “Traffic-Relief Ideas Range From ‘Fix It’ to ‘Forget It’”

City Set to Take Long View on Capital Upgrades

He recently referred to himself as “the czar of capital dollars.”
With San Marino’s shiny new Capital Improvements Plan ready to be cemented when the 2018-19 budget is adopted, Michael Throne is ready to put it into action. As the director of the city’s Parks and Public Works Department and also the city engineer, the plan is his baby, so to speak. The program is the city’s first. Continue reading “City Set to Take Long View on Capital Upgrades”