District Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Building

Photo courtesy BUSD
The Burbank Unified School District held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the upcoming construction of the new two-story modular building at Walt Disney Elementary School. Among those present for the celebration were Sharon Cuseo, Charlene Tabet, Superintendent Matt Hill, Board of Education President Steve Frintner, Disney Elementary Principal Molly Hwang, Larry Cross, Debbie Kukta and Peter Knapik.

After years of delays, construction will soon begin on the new two-story modular building at Walt Disney Elementary School and the Burbank Unified School District celebrated the milestone with a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.
“Today is a monumental day for the Disney community as we are embarking on a new and highly anticipated chapter in our school’s history — the expansion of our school,” said Disney Elementary Principal Molly Hwang. “This beautiful building will provide solid structure for years to come while opening our footprint. This new construction will provide a place for teachers to bring out the best in our students, to inspire them with the love of learning and to create a space that provides a sense of community and belonging.”
The new building will have 10 classrooms, two of which will be used for special programs, according to BUSD Director of Facilities Larry Cross. It will also have “state-of-the-art internet and technology features,” a new elevator, and the playground and sports field will nearly double in size.

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