Obituary: Mushtaq Ahmed

Mushtaq Ahmed was born in the independent state of Hyderabad before Indian independence. He came to America in 1965 on a student scholarship. It was in the fall of 1965 when he experienced his first Thanksgiving. It was that experience, on a middle-of-nowhere farm in the Midwest, where his love affair with his adopted land began. This love lasted all the way until even after his passing.

Mushtaq Ahmend

Right before going to urgent care for flu-like symptoms, Mushtaq signed and sent his vote-by-mail ballot. Upon arrival, he was sent to the emergency room and eventually to the ICU for an unrelated and previously undetected illness. He never awoke, and unexpectedly passed away on the morning of Nov 2. The state recorded his mailed vote on Nov. 6 in the local La Cañada Flintridge election. It was his last official act. For a man who spent the late 1960s volunteering on voting rights campaigns and on Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign, there could be no more fitting a final act. Continue reading “Obituary: Mushtaq Ahmed”